Friday, 20 November 2009

Plant a Seed & It Shall Grow

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you my life right now - or at least, all of the things I'm planning:

PROJECT#1 - "The Scavenger Hunt"

The flow of emotions continues. After being excited earlier this week, then slightly miffed at a number of folk bemoaning the whole thing, I'm excited once again - but this time with a whole bundle of nerves thrown in. Always ends up like this, a few days before an event. It's the point where you wonder if, after all these weeks of planning, the thing will actually come together at the end... or fall apart. Hopefully not the latter!

It's only three days away now; taking place the evening of Monday 23rd November. The plan is to first meet up and go for a meal at a chinese all you can eat buffet, and then have a look around the visiting christmas markets. After that... the hunt begins!

This late in the game, I should probably stop worrying and just sit back and take a chill pill, because there's not really all that much I can influence now. Either somebody attends, or they don't. Whatever happens, it'll be a blast and we'll all have loads of fun, anyhoo.

PROJECT#2 - "Work Based Learning videos"

As part of my work based learning module at university I'm supposed to get a week long placement at a media outlet, and have them sign off on the work I've done. Well... I failed to get a placement, and with the deadline fast approaching I've been assigned to work within the university's fledgling production company, coming up with a series of videos and promos to promote two things:

1: The student union. This will be done by editing together pre-existing footage, which is easy enough. Hardest thing is the sound, which needs clearing up some what.

2: The student radio station. For this I'm going to record new video interviews, and edit them together. I'm also going to make 2 or 3 promos, which will add up to around 30 seconds in length.

The deadline for this is the 7th of December, with filming scheduled in for Thursday of this coming week. Editing thereafter, I would presume. Should be fun! And hey, it means I pass a module I would have otherwise failed.

PROJECT#3 - "Staff Christmas Party 2009"

Oh, yes! Taking place on Monday 14th December we have this little beauty, which has proved every bit as difficult as the scavenger hunt to organise, but has tested me in different ways. Whereas the scavenger hunt was me and just one other person - Dan O'Connor - working together to come up with something, this time I'm working with around 10 or so other staff, attempting to piece together this giant puzzle of ideas.

There's loads going on:

1: Film Quiz. This is my area, and I have something a little extra special planned for it... but I can't spill the beans here, because sneaky Vue folk read this blog, and then the surprise is ruined. Just put it this way, if what I have planned pans out... boy will they be impressed!!

2: Secret Santa. I've very little involvement in this, mostly because the guy putting it together - Adam Fairhurst - is doing a stirling job without my input. It's to his credit that of all the things within the Christmas Party, this is the one that has come together the easiest, and without the least pain. Oh, and it'll be a giggle - hope I pick the name of somebody I don't like out, just so I can be awful by getting them a terrible present!

3: Fancy dress. Another one of those areas that I've had little to do with bringing together, except for the fact I was the one who suggested the idea. A few folk are resistant to it... but that's only because they are Scrooge types withour a sense of fun! Yes, the theme - come as a film character - isn't really christmassy, but that's besides the point. Have a little fun people, and allow your imaginations to run away with you one in a while!

(Oh, and just so you know I - currently! - intend to come dressed as a droog from A Clockwork Orange. Oh yes, oh yes!)

PROJECT#4 - "The Blaze"

It's still every bit my intention to get the series up and running. I wrote another pitch document for it the other day, which was a massive improvement on the original. It's just a matter of time now, of when I can sit down and write it. Saying that, it's become partof my Writing for Radio portfolio, so I suppose the episodes will have to be done by mid-January (if I want them to get marked!). Exciting. Things might actually move forward again...

PROJECT#5 - "Staff Bowling"

January's staff event. After the go kart racing, scavenger hunt and staff party this should be piss easy to organise. All I've got to do is ask around who wants to attend, make sure they get the night off, and then make sure they turn up. Easy-peasy.

I have decided to complicate matters slightly by suggesting a surprise something for the end of the night - but again, as to what... well watch this space.

PROJECT#6 - "Family Fortunes"

Not one to let an opportunity pass, I've decided to use the fact that I work in a cinema to allow me to put on a game show in one of the screens! The chosen game is ITV's Family Fortunes, which, due to technical issues and the need to survey 100 people ("we asked a 100 people to name...") for answers, means I have to start planning it now - for a Monday February 1st target date for the event.

I'm working alongside a friend of mine, Rob Dyson, putting it all together. So far we have collected 35 surveys - just another 65 to go! The patterns are starting to emerge in the answers though - and without telling you the question, I will reveal that the answer "gremlins" is proving quite popular...

Hopefully we can put technical issues aside and get the thing working. It'd be a damn shame if we have to cancel it, because of all the upcoming events, this is the one that most staff are looking forward to.

PROJECT#7 - "Murder Mystery Night"

The last staff event I currently have on my radar (although FAR from the last one planned), I've barely even begun thinking about this. All I've done so far is have a few throwaway conversations with Dan O'Connor - who is again helping me to put the event together - about how it will be possible to run a murder mystery night, and what format it should take.

Over the next few weeks, when the scavenger hunt and staff party are out of the way, no doubt we'll have a proper sit down to discuss ideas, and move forward with the whole thing.

Projected date of the event - Monday 1st March 2010.

PROJECT#8 - "Karaoke"

Thought it'd be fun to visit a karaoke bar with the guys and gals from work. Most likely time we'll do this is end of March 2010, just before Easter. That's because the April event will have to be held off until the middle of the month, due to the 2 week Easter holidays - so a small staff event like a karaoke bar is a nice stop-gap in the schedule.

PROJECT#9 - "University Degree Show"

I've been putting this together with a group of others at uni, and so far it's looking... sketchy. Think we need to plan it some more, before any of us get a real sense of what the night will be like. We do have a theme, mind - That's Entertainment! It'll see us all go dressed up as an icon of film, and celebrate classic Hollywood stars. Projected date for this is June 2010, although nothing is set in stone.

PROJECT#10 - "Prom Night"

Before the current site for my work shuts next year, I want to have a Prom Night event for all of the current staff to celebrate its closing, and us leaving it behind. Kind of like how High Schoolers bid farewell to school before they move onto college.

We'd hire a room, and all come in formal clothing. Also, limo-booking! A live band! Asking each other to be our dates for the night! Ooh, fun! But it's not time to plan it yet... t'is still months away. Will think about it more when the prospect of the current site finally shutting looks likely to become a reality.

And that's my life right now.

All those plans whirling around my head... well, a boy is likely to get stressed!

Still, I love organising them all. Shall never complain about that, because the opportunity of getting to plan events that makes groups of people happy and excited it's, well to borrow from a certain well known advertising slogan, "priceless".
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