Monday, 16 November 2009

Play Nice

I'm currently midway through typing up a stream of conscious thought essay that I wrote way back in March of this year, and it's quite surprising just how badly I behaved. It was during the production of the second year short film Tit-4-Tat and for the most of it I seem at odds with the rest of the production team, falling out with them at every opportunity:

Daniel, the original writer, was given the chance to rewrite some of what he’d originally written but I always knew that his changes would then be changed by myself during one of my own rewrites, no matter their quality. I’d have dismissed them for exactly that reason, they weren’t MY ideas.

What a bastard! I know they say the truth hurts, but... Ouch.

Of course the snobbery on display there caused friction within the group, and it's no wonder everybody turned on me is it, with comments like that? You can't go into a group exercise thinking that you're better than your team mates, because ultimately they'll prove you wrong - and not only will you hate them for it, but you'll learn to despise yourself, also.

I think the experience changed me, because during our showing of the film we were absolutely slated, by not only our tutor but fellow classmates too. Rightly so! What we produced was a shoddy drama that made no coherent sense, and featured no particularly memorable actors or locations. It was a mighty failure; the first of my media career. It probably knocked e down a peg or too - ensuring that after a few years of them being too big, the boots finally started fitting again.

I'll post more from the essay on this blog and my Facebook page when it's complete.


One week to go (until the scavenger hunt)!! Yes, can't wait! Final preperations are being made right now. Infact I spent two hours today at a laminator, laminating 25 copies of the scavenger hunt list - cost me a bloody bomb too! But it'll all be worth the effort on the actual night, when we're all there in Manchester as a team, having a blast.


(Let's just hope the managers at work don't cock the rota up and let ample enough people have the night off...)
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