Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Predators & Prey

Apologies if this post reads as a highly charged, angry rant - because I guess that's what it is, and there's no denying that because I'm pissed off, and in desperate need of venting that anger.

Last night I took part in the scavenger hunt, with the people from my work. It was an entertaining enough evening, looking around Manchester for objects/items with friends. I, personally, would have enjoyed it a hell of a lot more though if it weren't for the people moaning about it - before, during and after.

Complaints ranged from the start time, to teams being allowed to set off 5 minutes early (but still at the designated time), to the fact that myself and fellow organiser Dan O'Connor took part in it, and helped a couple of teams out.

It wasn't enough, or good enough, that me and Dan had spent pretty much all of our free time over the course of the last two months piecing this things together, bit by bit - writing the list, organising teams, ensuring people got the night off, etc. Oh no, people still had to complain, and annoingly not just to us, but about us.

We wanted to put a staff event on, and make sure people had fun during it.

The cheek!

I haven't been able to do anything right, it seems. Every decision or action I've made seems to have been the wrong one, and offended somebody somewhere. What should have been a silly vaunt around Manchester has turned into something far more sinister and damn right nasty, and I'm not sure I like it - what I've brought together here over the course of the last two months. Have I just given rise to something that'll tear the team apart?

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, so they say, and it's true. The more I tried to fix things up, the more they seemed to fall apart. Now I'm sat here, trying to remember all of the good things the scavenger hunt brought - images of Stan buying the Daily Sport and being too embarrassed to read it, getting kicked out of La Senza, all of it - but instead those images have been tarnished by all of the bad things that have emerged.

And so, today. I've been bombared with messages from everybody - some demanding a recount, or a rematch, others quite vocal and angry - but they all make one mistake, in that they treat me as some some of enemy they have to battle against.

Emotionally it's left its mark on me. This has to have been the worse day of my life since I broke up with a girlfriend many moons ago. I'm desperately sad, at the same time as being angry, and I just want to curl up on bed and cry my eyes out, like a child that's just been called smelly on the playground.

Who knew trying to do something fundermentally decent and proper, like organise a staff social, could leave somebody so battered and bruised. Makes me question if I should do it again - and if people treat me this way, why should I do it? Breaks my heart, honest it does.

I'm running out of things to say on the matter. My parting words are something I wrote on Facebook, in reply to one question about the night:

Yeah it was fun, but it's being marred by petty disputes over who won what, and why. Folks, it DOESN'T MATTER. It was a game... there's winners, and losers. If you lost, move on and next month we'll start a new game. Just be happy that you had fun that night, and have lasting memories to take away with you.

I want to think about the scavenger hunt in 10/20 years and be able to smile.

What say you?
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