Monday, 2 November 2009

Puppy Dog Lucy

Anybody who follows this strange little blog of mine will know that my little sister recently grew up somewhat, moved out the house, got herself a boyfriend and a serious job - and now, to cap it all off, she has bought her own little puppy called Lucy.

What you won't be aware of is the fact that Lucy has been somewhat unwell. Yes, at first it started out as something of a mild stomach upset but eventually turned into something far nastier and potentially life threatening.

I got back from visiting my Dad's house yesterday, and within minutes I had a hysterical phone call from my sister Donna - in tears, sobbing for me to get Mum. So, as fast as I could I charged around the house looking for her, found her and passed Donna onto her. There, I stood watching Mum have a conversation with her - the panic showing on Mum's face as she listened to what Donna had to say.

It turned out that the puppy had been throwing up, and had lapsed so greatly that it had started to fit. At which point Donna phoned - and me and Mum, knowing the creature would have to get to the vets ASAP rushed out to help.

Lucy finally got there about an hour later - after we all got lost finding the place. Naturally, she had to fall ill on a Sunday - the one day that 99.9% of vet surgeries are closed, so we had to drive deep into Salford... into Warmsley even... to find a place open.

They kept her in all night, and put her on fluids and kept her on observation. At one point it was touched and go, because if she'd had had any more fits, then the risk of brain damage would have rose severely. There was also the danger that the troubles might have stemmed from her Liver, hinting that it might be failing, in which case the best possible action (and the most humane) would have been to put her down.

Thankfully, it wasn't her Liver, and she suffered no more fits meaning she was well enough to be discharged today. Donna and her boyfriend Phil went to pick her up, and you should have seen her face when she was reunited with her little doggy! It's funny how attached we become to these animals, isn't it?

I know that the whole 'crisis' led me to look at my own dog Willow in a different light, because sometime I - we, as a family - take her for granted a little, just because she's there. But after all this, I reminded of how much the dog means to me, how attached we all are to her, and how I'd hate anything to happen to her.


Fallen waaaaay behind on uni work. Shall have to pull an all nighter to get my movie synopsis completed, I think. Damn. I need as much beauty sleep as I can get! :P
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