Friday, 6 November 2009

Remember Remember the Sixth of November

Sometimes you do things and they just... fail. Can't be helped. Last night was one of those instances, where I tried to arrange a mini-gathering of people from work, in the hope of heading on out to a Bonfire celebration somewhere. In the end though, practically everything that could go wrong went wrong, and the night was - frankly - a bit of a diaster!

Firstly, nobody turned up. There was a bout half a dozen of us, and that's it. This is despite around two thirds of the staff getting the night off, and being able (if they had so wanted) to turn up.

On top of that, it was throwing it down with rain - so that the fields of our chosen venue - Heaton Park - turned to mud. Which ruined my favourite pair of converses. Darn.

Also, the actual Bonfire and Fireworks display... Well, it left a lot to be desired, and let's just leave it at that, hey? Honestly, we were only there about 20 minutes before it was all over, and time to go back home!

To be honest the evening was a little experiment on my behalf, to see if a staff event could organise itself into existence... It can't! There's always got to be that one person, or core group of people, at the heart of it - planning and working hard to bring it all together.

Next up later in the month we have a scavenger hunt around Manchester city centre. I made the list up with a friend and colleague, Dan O'Connor, and I'm very proud of it! And no, you can't have any clues as to what is on it - just in case a sneaky Mr James Bell is reading and hopes that he can get advance clues. Sorry mate, no. Just, no!

After that... the staff Christmas party!! I feel so relieved because after months of fretting about it, I finally have it booked! And now that's been done, I can start to organise the thing properly. We have an awards ceremony taking place during it, and a 50 question film quiz. Also, they'll be a buffet that needs buying, making up, etc. - oh, and a Secret Santa too!

For it, I'm trying to get as many staff involved as possible, to make it a true 'staff' event - by the staff, for the staff. Plus, plus! Team work. T'is what it's all about.

Oh, I'm so excited about both the scavenger hunt and the party - both should be pretty, pretty amazing. No doubt I'll keep you all posted on this here blog of mine with regards as to how it all goes. Fingers crossed!!
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