Wednesday, 18 November 2009


In the last post I told of my enthusiasm about the approaching staff event in Manchester I'm organsing - a scavenger hunt. Ha, how things change because honest to God I'm stressed out to the max with regards to it now - worrying who will show/who won't, who can make it on time/who can't. Little things like that. I won't actually enjoy the experience again now until we're out there, on the damn hunt next Monday.

What's making it worse is a small band of folk at work who are coming down on me about certain aspects, and quite hard. The main problem is the hunt was supposed to start at 6pm - but various folk didn't finish work until this time. Even though I compromised and pushed the start time back until later - 7pm - they're still not happy, and send me funny comments on Facebook. I'm sorry, but I've worked my arse off to put this together - with help from one other person, that's it, Daniel O'Connor - and I really resent being, basically, spat at like that. Makes me wonder if it's worthwhile, and ask the question why am I doing it.

Of course, the answer is simple - to spend the night with a bunch of people I'm friends with, and enjoy being with. The 8 weeks or so of planning time this has taken up... totally worth it to see them smile one the night.

A regret I have is the fact that a friend can't go. Yes, James Bell has been forced to work the close, and I'm more than a little devestated because I wanted him there with the rest of the team, playing against everybody else. Suppose, mind, somebody has to work the evening and that person, unfortunately, is Mr Bell. Shame.

I hope everybody else enjoys their time as much as I wish them to. There's some objects on that list that they'll find impossible to find... but that's good because the impossible is fun. I think I'll post the scavenger hunt list up online once it's all done and dusted - alongside a report of the evening.

In the meantime, you can read this stream of conscious thought (that I referred to in the last entry) on my Facebook account.

Now, I just wish people would stop moaning at me, and about me with regards to this staff event. Come on guys and gals, give me a little bit of a break, won't you?
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