Sunday, 22 November 2009

Twilight Madness

I've been working at a cinema for around two and a half years now, and I like to think that its rhythm has become second nature to me by now. The job is easy... I know it like the back of my hand - but every now and then it still manages to throw up a surprise or two. This weekend was one of those increasingly rare exceptions.

You see, the latest installment in the Twilight saga was released Friday - and a rush of fangirls decided to go along and watch it, like they annoyingly do! We had over 2,000 people both Friday and Saturday queuing to watch the damn thing - and desperate to get in that screen, to finally see Mr Robert Pattinson, or that other guy that looks like he's been on a Hell of a lot of steroids since the first film in the series was released last year...

(You know the one, cliche-Native American werewolf guy.)

The only thing stopping these mad, mad women were us, the ushers. They all left that much mess that we filled bin after bin up with rubbish, in an exhausting attempt to clean the screens before the next showing started. Sometimes we managed it, to the delight of the queuing fangirls, and other times we didn't - and were a good few minutes into the adds and trailers before any customer was ready to be let inside, much to the annoyance of the fangirl.

By the end of my shift on Saturday I was shattered. The previous two days of rushing around, cleaning screen after screen had finally caught up with me, and proved too much. Not only that, but I'd stayed on an extra two hours to help a friend out because another member of staff had called in sick - so I ended up working an eleven hour shift that day, in the middle of Twilight madness. My feet? Ready to drop off at any minute.

I'm back in again today, on another close. This time I have a lucky escape, however, because they've put me on the Ben & Jerry's ice cream team. I say that like it's a good thing, but if I think about it I know what I'll find when I get there - even more queues, and it wouldn't surprise me if the place wasn't stocked up and we were under staffed.

Having said all that... boy was it fun! I love it when the cinema is busy, because it's almost like that how it should be all the time; a hub of activity. Brill!

Just wish my feet didn't ache so much because of it, and that these bags under my eyes through exhaustion would leave me alone and find somebody else to bother!!


Ooh, the staff awards are coming along nicely. Counted the names of 11 ballot papers yesterday morning. The winners of two categories are a dead cert - I mean, the person/s nominated leads with 11/12 votes in one, and 10/12 votes in another!

Little surprised and disappointed I didn't get more nominations!

Nah, I don't deserve them!! :P


Scavenger Hunt tomorrow. Watch this space!!
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