Saturday, 12 December 2009

Finding (Insert Relative's Name Here)

Got to spend some quality time with my family today, for the first time in a looooooong while. I've been extremely busy with uni stuff and organising staff social events that I have neglected them somewhat of late - but today being my little sister Lauren's birthday (Eleven! Already!!) I had no excuse, did I?

We all went to the TGI Friday's restaurant in Prestwich village and ate together, sat around the one table for 90 minutes. I told Mum about the promotion that's come up at work, and she wants me to go for it. I'm still undecided. It's a lot of responsibility to take on when I have one more semester left at uni. Could I manage the two? I don't know - and until I'm confident that I could, I wouldn't dream of putting my name forward.

My other sister Donna brought her boyfriend Phil with her, and what was nice was being able to talk to the guy properly. You see, even though Donna has been dating him for about a year now, I've always been afraid of talking to the guy. Well, not afraid, nervous. What if he doesn't like me, will it impact upon Donna? Or what if I don't like him? But of late I think I've just forgotten all that and the two of us have been talking more and more. Still a long way to go, but progress is being made!

It's scary to think just how much Lauren has grown this last year. Man, she's become this confident, cocky kid - and a right old bossy boots! Guess it's inevitable, what with the dawning of the dreaded 'teenage years' fast approaching. 10 years ago, I was in her boots - about to turn 11 myself, months away from leaving primary school.

Funny to think she's living my life, just ten years late (or was I living her's, ten years early...?!). More than with Donna, or Sarah, I see my life reflected through her eyes - and there's so much advice and support I wanna give her, but the biggest lesson of all, I learned the hard way, was if you want to make it out that in the big ol' world, you have to make it off your own back, by teaching yourself, and finding out the answers as best you can.

T'was a good meal. Nice chance to catch up with them all.

I'm off now; we're about to settle down together and watch Finding Nemo.

Quite apt, huh?
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