Friday, 4 December 2009

From the Edit Suite

First off, let me make it quite clear that I am NOT an editor. My mind thinks as a writer's mind should, and so doesn't grasp anything remotely technical. That proved a problem in my first year at uni, when I was required to go out and shoot/edit stuff, but gradually I dropped all that melarky, to concentrate on my writing. Or so I thought...

You know how the very worst nightmares are the ones that resurface over and over again; dragging you back into them on a nightly basis? That's what this feels like; my latest uni assignment. I'm expected to edit down a series of videos and make a 1-3 minute promo for each of them, for my Work Baed Learning module. I had no idea I'd have to be editing this year - so honestly, I could cry right now.

Let me tell you, things are going especially dreadful. I don't seem to be able to get a hold on the editing process again, so it's pretty much been left down to another guy on the course/module with me to do it all. With his help, I produced a half decent video promo that I was a little proud of (more than I ever expected to be, for footage that I have no creative ownership over). But this being Bolton Uni, the video was immediately labelled as shite by the lecturer, who told us to enforce some changes before she signs it off.

It's a kick in the balls, not only when I'm a crappy editor anyhoo and want nothing more to do with the editing process (at uni, anyhoo) but when I'm juggling many different dishes, the last thing I want to do is spend an eternity on one project, and never get around to finishing it.

I have an extension of the project now; probably to the end of next week. To be honest though, I'd rather just finish the damn excercise now - the sooner editing is over, the sooner the nightmare ends and I can sleep easy again.
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