Sunday, 6 December 2009

Hunger Strike

I hate this, being so busy that I can't find time to eat. Yeah, sure, it's easy you saying "But you must always find time to eat, Anthony!" - however, when you're as busy as I've been this past week or so, that's easier said than done! It means more often than not you can hear my stomach rumble from a million, zillion miles away.

Let me tell you, things have changed! When I was growing up you'd be pressed to see me NOT eating. I was the sort of child that was always munching away at something - almost as if my stomach was a bottomless pit, capable of going on and on forever, never getting full.

These past few years, because of lifestyle and such, that's no longer the case. I eat only meals, mostly and no filler snacks inbetween. This year, I don't even touch chocolate or fizzy drinks because of a bet I had around this time last year: Could I make it an entire year without touching any of that stuff? So from January 1st 2009 through to December 31st, ooh, about 25 days from now, I couldn't touch any of them.

And you know what? I've done it! Not touched chocolate at all, or felt the urge to drink something like Coca-Cola. No, sirree. Been a good boy, honest 'guv.

But anyhoo... me, now, hungry. Want... need... food...



Will do anything.

Well, not quite!

Can you go fetch it for me? You will? Most excellent!

Hmmm... delicious!
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