Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My Brain Has Turned To Mush

I only had about 3 hours sleep last night, because I was busy stressing out over uni work that I hadn't completed (despite the fact I'd been given up to 6 weeks to do it). So I'm tired, and a little groggy, and wishing above all else that I can just go curl up in bed and catch some zeds.

Before I do that, let me tell you what I've been up to over the course of the last 24 hours. Quite exciting stuff, really!!

First off there's the 20-30 page treatment I'm required to complete ahead of writing my 120 page final project script next semester. It's for a film called The Body in the Suitcase - and it's something I've been neglecting up to now. Well, at last I got my ideas down on paper - and if I'm honest, even at this rough first draft stage it reads quite well. It leaves me very excited about the film, and getting down to writing it; which is always the best way to be.

Then there's The Blaze scripts, which I am suppose to be writing for my Writing For Radio class. The first drafts were due in last week, but I completely missed that deadline...

My tutor, Les Smith, gave me a one week extension - which was kind of him. I was detirmined not to let him down again, and at least come in to today's class with something to show. Ultimately it was only half the amount of episodes he wanted to see (6 scripts, adding up to 30 pages - instead I offered 3 scripts with 15ish pages) but that's besides the point.

For after months and months of planning, fretting and putting the project off I actually got around to doing something with The Blaze again - and it's all worked out quite well. Les likes the scripts, which is a great sign. Of course there's reccomendations off him on how to improve things, but that's to be expected when something is at its infany first draft.

Fingers crossed I can keep up the momentum, and get episodes 4-6 complete asap!!

Finally, I'm supposed to be editing a video for the university school website. It's in regards to the student radio station - but the whole experience has been cursed! All the footage I shot last week is unusable because of a sound problem that none of us could foresee while filming. Shame. It means I have to edit with what I have; very little (crappy) footage that the university itself shot during Fresher's week. It's very tedious stuff - and so far the edit isn't going so great...

But enough about that! I think I've deserved a night to myself, to chill out and relax. Might spend it watching a couple of David Tennant Doctor Who episodes, building up to his departure this Christmas. Still have to make my dinner, too. Feels like I haven't eaten properly in DAYS. Man, my stomach keeps on a-rumbling!!

Doubt I can do any more work tonight. My brain feels sleepy, and as though it's turned to mush through all those hours of work I subjected it to!

Still, it'll do me some good - and at the end of it, if I get The Blaze made or The Body in the Suitcase script complete, then I'll be laughing.

Probably sleeping too, through exhaustion, hunger and the fact I now need a brain transplant.

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