Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Stuck in TV Land

After months of planning (literally) I finally got around to filming the video for the film quiz today, at a studio on the uppermost floors of Bolton University.

Because of the nature of the piece and the fact that these blog posts of mine end up on Facebook I'm taking the unusual step of keeping this hidden until after the staff party - so nobody can spy on me, and spoil the surprise. That stands for any other post that might mention the film quiz video between now and Monday evening.

You can see an image of me in costume above; a costume I had to wear on the bus ride to uni. No, really. Well... only sorta. You see, I couldn't risk the damn thing creasing in my bag, so I wore the white pants, shirt and boots - and left the rest (braces, bowler hat & eye make-up) hidden from view. Probably for the best, really. I already looked like a tit.

Before filming I took part in a photoshoot for 2010's End of Degree show, which is basically the last night of my course - where all students gather at a cinema, to view the films that we've made over the course of this past year, in front of a hundred or so industry professionals. That above picture comes from that, and it was taken by the very talented David Noble.

Man, the filming shoot was a frustrating experience... I just couldn't find the voice of the piece, for a long while, so I shot the first opening segment over a dozen times. Each time I got a different combination of things wrong - lines, cues, etc.

The more that went wrong, the more nervous I become, and the more I felt the pressure and suddenly started messing up more and more. Eventually, about midway through, things just... clicked into place, and I speeded my way through the rest of it all, a little happier in my place.

Afterwards I captured the footage on Final Cut, and was relieved to find much of it had turned out well. Phew! At one point during the filming process I worried that I'd completely ruined this funny little script I had last week, and that the whole thing would now be doomed to fail. Now, I don't feel that. I'm optimistic, and can smile-

Because things will probably work out.

Who'd have thunk it?
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