Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Beneath the Surface

I've been inspired to write this, having just completed The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter. The amount of thought and sheer hard work that Russell T Davies puts into every step of the writing process shames me, because I know - and you probably know, too - that I'm a lazy writer. Most days I wake up and do very little thinking, if any, writing - save the occassional blog here or there. Hell, I don't even think about writing anymore. Well, that's not exactly true - I think I should be doing more of it (a LOT more) but mentally, I'm not creating new characters, or situations, or whatever. My creativity and workflow? Dead.

Today I forced myself to write something (anything) - the end result being five or six pages of my continuing graphic novel, Assassin. Yep, it doesn't actually set the world alight, but those half dozen pages (from episode 3.5) mark my return to writing, for the first time since... well, it's been that long that I've forgotten. But I'm telling myself I have to continue the trend, and write some more tomorrow, and the day after that, etc.

The Assassin script has, actually, been a fantastic jumping on point. It's such a brave and unique script for me. Honest, I don't think I've ever written anything like it before. It explores the life of one character, Terrance Bronson, who is staring death in the face and in the moments before he dies has flashes of his life repeated to him (but new to us, the reader) that examine the character and the actions that he's taken over the course of the series. Oh, and there's a MASSIVE PLOT TWIST too. Gotta love the MASSIVE PLOT TWIST. Always exciting, and one of the only times you'll walk away from a script or idea and know, hand on heart, that you've done something good, because by the end of the drama, that twist has changed EVERYTHING.

So go twist!

Hopefully I'll have the script completed tomorrow, and then I'll move onto whatever comes next - whether that's Assassin 3.6, or something else entirely, I don't know. That's exciting, I suppose. Lot's of potential there. Fingers crossed I don't waste any of it, and that the potential in me manages to come to the surface.
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