Monday, 2 January 2012

The Year of the New

Somehow 2012 seems magical. As a nation, the British have been talking about and planning these 366 days for quite some time now. The Olympics have been that looming shadow, casting itself over the UK and the days ahead. Now it's almost time, and even I have to admit to feeling a sense of exciting and nervous energy in the air.

It goes beyond the Olympics, and beyond the Queen's Diamond Jubillee. There's an optimism we're all living with; a sense that something good is coming, after years of reccession and 'the world is doomed!' type news items.

For me, 2012 marks the start of something brand new. It's no secret that it's time for me to do that work shuffle again, and move to another site in the company's fleet of many. I've worked here at Shepherds Bush for well over 12 months now. I'm feeling tired, and if I'm honest I'm looking back - and then looking forward, unsure what else I can contribute that hasn't already been contributed.

Moving on means a brand new fresh start; the biggest change in my life since October 2010.

In many ways 2011 was great - most of all because it was a period of stability. However, the danger with stability is that you spend too long 'stable' and things very quickly turn into routine - and that's nasty, because it's utterly predictable and boring. The chief reason I wanted out of Manchester in the first place was because every day/week was like every other day/week before it.

Where next? I have a fairly good idea. I've spoken to my GM and other senior managers, and have a clearer view of what comes next. I'm not saying what those options are, here, however - because as soon as they're written down they become fact, or the idea of them become boring and lifeless before I've even starting the new movement.

There's new experiences to had across 2012. My sister is pregnant (congratulations!) so the concept of me being an uncle become official, and draws nearer and nearer. You know, the baby is scary, for me too, because it sorts of sums up the need to grow up at last and find that responsibility your parents talk about when you're younger. I'm no longer a child, or of the 'new generation' - there's beings now who need my help and support, and it's time I act the adult, and grow up accordingly.

Hmm. The challenge of 2012. I'll post more about the year as I live through it...
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