Saturday, 15 September 2012

434 Days (& Speculating)

Sometimes we’re blessed by the things we enjoy.
Today I’m having a lazy day, just watching repeats of Red Dwarf VI on Dave – happy in the knowledge that in a few short weeks the series’ tenth run of adventures will begin. That’s fantastic, especially when you consider that the last full series was 1999!
As well as the Dwarfers, Doctor Who is back on television every Saturday in September – for the first run of adventures of season seven, and the last to feature Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.
Next year Doctor Who turns 50, and there’s massive fan expectation regarding it.
Nobody knows how the show will celebrate. I read forums, where fans speculate and speculate. Some think that all of the old Doctors will reunite with current Doc Matt Smith to head up the anniversary specials. How fantastic would that be? I’d kill to see Tom Baker et al back on my TV screen, presumably for the last time (alas) as the Doctor.
Others don’t think that’ll happen – because Christopher Eccleston is reluctant to return (and Colin Baker has, bizarrely, requested one million pounds to do so). What are the alternatives? As I see it, you have a number of other choices:
1: An old companion/a group of old companions come back (spinning the tradition of having Doctors return on its head) – most likely to return being John Barrowman and Billie Piper. Personally, I think a return for Sophie Aldred is well over due.
2: A monster mash – Daleks/Cybermen/Weeping Angels/Silents/the lot! This option is somewhat diminished after numerous monster unions over the past few years, including the Alliance at the Panorica.
3: Just David Tennant. The other Doctors look too old? Easy – just feature the most recent former Doctor, who has hinted in the past month or so he’s more than happy to return. As a bonus, cast the other actors to have played the Doctor (including Colin Baker) in other roles. Would be nice to have them cameo, even if limited roles.
4: Don’t look to the past – focus on the present, and move the mythology forwards. But then, surely, an anniversary is an opportunity to look back?
5: Feature the regeneration of the Eleventh Doctor.
However they celebrate, I’m guessing right here, right now that the episode will be called Doctor Who? (or a variation there upon). It’s pretty obvious that the special will delve deeper into the oldest question, and the question that must never be asked – but, of course, it won’t give any specific answers.
It’s also blazingly clear that it’ll be set at the fields of Tenzladore, at the fall of the Eleventh.
Whatever – if you’re reading this beyond November 23rd 2013, you already have the answer, you lucky bastard! I’ve still got another 14 months to agonise and debate over.
Here’s hoping it’s the perfect celebration for my favourite show in the cosmos.
Vworp vworp!
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