Friday, 28 September 2012

Friends Like These

Another Friday night, and I’m home alone. Shouldn’t guys my age be out on the town doing… idiotic guy stuff?
I’m not a terribly social person. I haven’t ever been. Back at school, I never socialised outside of school hours. People would have birthday parties, or whatever, and I never went. Hell, I don’t think I was ever even invited…
Nowadays, things have changed a little. With girlfriends and work, I’m more social than ever – so I don’t think it’s true to say that I lack ‘real’ friends.
Here’s a rundown to those special people I hold dear – my friends:
Dan O’C
First Met: Late 2008
How: Work
When I first met Dan, our common denominator was the cinema where we worked. That was central to our initial friendship, and served us well. We spent some time organising ‘staff events’ – with one of the highlights being a murder mystery night that the pair of us scripted, and acting in.
Dan was at uni studying a Masters in scriptwriting. Somewhere along the line that seems to have morphed into something new… and now he’s the drummer in a band, that tours Manchester’s clubs. A shame I’m 250 miles away and struggle to make most gigs.
He’s the one person (outside of family) that I text more than any other – but I have a nagging feeling about his replies. More and more I think he’s distant, and rather reluctant.
Then again maybe I’m just being paranoid!
We meet up every time I’m back in Manchester, and every time we’re that bit more grown up. One day we’ll meet up, and both have partners, and kids – which will be a surreal experience.
Lauren W
First Met: Feb 2012 (in person), 2006 (online)
How: Torchwood.TV website
Way back when, Torchwood hadn’t been on telly yet and Doctor Who fandom was awaiting nervously. I wrote for a blog called Torchwood.TV, counting down the days until it arrived.
When a chat room (of sorts) was installed on the site, I chatted away to the readers – which included Lauren, who alleges that way back then, she had a crush on me (already dating Katie, I was too busy to notice other girls back then).
We’ve kept in contact ever since, although it’s a strange relationship – as we’ve only actually met in person twice! However, I probably have a pretty detailed understanding of her life and personality, and the same is likely true for me with her.
Lauren says she reads this blog. Well, hello if you’re reading this!
Daniel T
First Met: June 2011
How: Work
When we first met, I think we annoyed the Hell out of one another.
It took some time for us to both notice just how alike we are at times. Firstly, we both big geeks. I like Doctor Who/so does he. He reads Walking Dead comics/so do I.
We’re also highly camp at times (but both out and out straight guys) so it’s amusing when the two of us get together and out-camp one another!
There’s the work factor, too. I wonder how the friendship will change after I leave Westfield? Hmm.
Keiichi F
First Met: Early 2012
How: Work
Probably my ‘newest’ friend – and much like both Dan’s, it’s a friendship built around a shared experience.
Keiichi’s an alright nice guy, who likes winding me up. But I wind him up too, so that’s fine.
A quick shout out to all the other managers/TLs I work with at Westfield.
What’s surprising about compiling this, actually, is just how few genuine friends I’ve got. I think it’s always been like that. At college, I had four then – Jonny, Phil, Katie and Rebecka.
At school, I probably had no more than 4 friends at one time; shifting relationships that came and went.
In summary, perhaps, is a realisation that different chapters of my life feature different friends, and new faces. For now, let’s not look to the future – but celebrate the friends now.

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