Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Possibility of Downs - An Update

It’s been a week since the news first broke that my sister Sarah’s unborn son Jamie may have Downs Syndrome.

I called my mum on Saturday night, and it was the first time we’d talked in person since the news hit. As you could predict, she’s obviously taken aback by the news, and wants everything to be OK. I sensed a lot of hope and optimism on her behalf, which was great to hear.
Sarah and her boyfriend Dean were in tears after hearing the news, but are in better spirits now.
Mum says the doctor’s explained the score. One of a number of things could have happened, to explain why Jamie has so much fluid around his brain:
1: Everything is normal, and it’s just an oddity in the pregnancy. Most babies have up to 10mm of fluid around their brain at this stage of development. Jamie has 11mm. He could just naturally grow, and the amount of fluid dips to a healthy level.
2: He has Downs.
3: Sarah has caught a virus during the pregnancy (German Measles, for example) that has spread to the baby and caused him to be unwell. The hope here being that, like point 1, he’ll grow out of it.
My other sister Donna called Dad up and broke the news to him. He hung up when she said “Even if he does have Downs, we’ll love him all the same.” Dad’s wife Penny later alleged that Dad’s phone had simply cut off, and he had intended to call back. I’m not so sure. I just think that Dad didn’t know how to cope, and escaped the conversation.
Earlier tonight Mum sent me a text saying that Sarah has had another scan and that things are “looking a bit better now” – whatever that means. She’ll have 4 weekly scans from here on out, until her due date on January 28th.
Meanwhile I’m weighing it up in my mind. I’ve told a few of my work colleagues – in part because I’m chasing sympathy, but mostly because it’s nice just to discuss the news with somebody who isn’t directly involved.
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