Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Possibility of Downs

Test suggest that my sister Sarah’s unborn child might have Downs Syndrome, and I’m man enough to admit that terrifies me.

I’ll admit that I was thankful when my first nephew Tyler was born, because he was perfectly healthy. It’s horrible to admit this, but I was hoping that the same would be true of Sarah’s.
I don’t know how to digest the news.
Nothing is definite. Mum says there’s still tests to be done – but what a horrible thing to happen.
Obviously life is life, but no right minded person would want their nephew to be born into the world with something like Downs afflicting them.
I’m internally asking myself questions, like how it will affect Sarah’s life? Surely, if the child does have Downs, then her life as she knows it is over (more so than normal newborn parenting)?
I don’t know much about the condition, and I’m woefully ignorant to much of it (despite a quick scan of Google) – which raises an interesting question for me: If the child has Downs, what is my role in his life? Do I move back to Manchester to help my sister? Is that even a normal way to react – would she need me to that extent? I don’t know. It’s all uncharted territory.
Fingers crossed everything turns out normal. If they don’t, then that’s fine too – we as a family just have to react, and adapt, and do what we would have done anyway – make the child’s life the best it can be.
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