Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shoot Out

At around 5pm this afternoon, I finished the script for Assassin 3.8. The particular issue wraps up the third volume of the graphic novel, and finishing it is a big deal for me because…

…I started writing volume three way back in April 2006. It’s taken six and a half years to reach the finale.
Here they all are, for the first time, completed:
I’m a proud father. Somehow, despite the lack of consistency (one issue, on average, every ten months) the series has come off pretty damn great. Flicking through the issues and reading them back – wow! There’s bits in there that I think are some of the best things I’ve ever attempted.
What’s strange is to think about how much has changed between April 19th 2006 (the day I started writing issue one) and today.
On April 19th 2006:
             + I was dating Katie O’Donnell. That relationship ended in May 2007. I’m currently single.
             + I was still attending Holy Cross College. I left June 2007, and then went to university 
             (which I have since completed, too).
             + I was jobless. Obviously now I’m not, having worked for the cinema since 2007.
             + I was still living at home. Well, I moved out October 2010, when... I also moved to
             London, leaving Manchester behind.
+ I hadn’t made any films. Now I’ve recorded numerous. The first being April 3rd back in June
2007, and the latest being That Resolute Desk this year.
+ Tony Blair was still Prime Minister. Then Gordon Brown. Now David Cameron.
+ We weren’t in recession.
+ The London 2012 Olympics were six years away… Now, they’re over!
+ Nobody watched 3D at the cinema, because the concept was extinct. Now – it’s all 3D!
+ David Tennant’s first season of Doctor Who was just beginning to air. Now Tennant’s long gone – and we’re a further five seasons on.
+ Lost was still airing (though we haven’t had many more answers since…)
Despite the change, I think the series had adapted and evolved with me; becoming more and more sophisticated as I grew up.
So yeah… me = proud.
It’s not often I say that out loud about my writing.
Here’s a rundown of what I wrote, and when (more for my benefit than your’s):
Issue#1 – Civil War (between 19.04.2006 & 21.04.2006)
Issue#2 – Happily Ever After..? (between 22.04.2006 & 15.08.2006)
Issue#3 – Old Friends (between 29.10.2006 & 26.03.2007)
Issue#4 – A Night Without Feeling (between 14.09.2008 & 09.01.2009)
Issue#5 – Flashes Before Your Eyes (between 09.11.2009 & 28.01.2010)
Issue#6 – An Awful Lot of Running (between 08.04.2011 & 10.04.2011)
Issue#7 – Sins of the Father (between 12.04.2011 & 23.03.2012)
Issue#8 – A Good Man Goes To War (between 24.03.2012 & 12.09.2012)
Next up, I want to finish an arc on Darkened Avenue that I started in 2006, but haven’t touched since 2007. I’m interested to know how it affects the story – as half was written five years ago. What will the second half be like five years on?
After that, I’m determined to finish off the Assassin storyline. Way back when I planned five volumes, meaning there’s still two to go. Volume 4 has a clear storyline, and I’ve cracked how to make the fifth work (I think). Part of me wants to rush and finish the adventure off already – another wants to take my time, like I did here, and get it done right.
So – maybe six and a half years from now, volume 4 will be done?
Who knows. Stranger things have happened!
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