Monday, 17 September 2012

The Days of DVD Are Over

Recently, more and more, I'm finding myself trading my DVDs in at the local CEX store. This is a monumentus action for me to take, for just a few short years ago I was an avid collector.

What changed?

For one, money. Trading in DVDs I've seen already generates me some pocket, and at times it's much needed. Today for example I parted ways with Game of Thrones Season 1 on Blu Ray (amongst others in my collection) to raise £66. That allowed me to buy a memory card for my new Sony camera.

Secondly, for the most part, these DVDs and Blu Rays are just gathering dust in my room. They are either films/shows I've seen recently... or not so recently, as is the case for some. Let's take Pan's Labyrnth as this example's example: I bought it in 2007, watched it, and haven't seen it since. I figure, why does it deserve a place in my room?

Then there's the most glaring reason: I just can't be arsed anymore. Part of me starting collecting/hording, because I felt I had to. Dad does it, and way back when I was at university, and it felt like I had to collect films and television shows - as if I wasn't a complete writer without having those mythical texts on my shelf.

Just because I've parted ways with The West Wing doesn't mean I haven't learnt from it, and that those lessons are not a permanent part of me now (if that makes sense).

For that reason, above all, I think it's a sign of me maturing and growing in confidence. I don't need x y or z staring down at me from me shelf to know that I'm capable of reaching the same heights as them, if I really really push myself.

Besides which, if I want to watch anything I've traded in again... well, the title of this post says it all. With things like Netlix and Love Film revolutionising the film and television market, soon DVD will be an antiquated oddity. I'll be able to flix on my television have it all ready-stored there for me. Those that aren't? Well, I can buy them again I suppose, and trade them back in when they're watched and past their use (so to speak).


I had an idea for a new film last night. I'm calling it Eight Months Last Tuesday - the story of a guy who travels backwards in time to prevent his girlfriend from dumping him... but along the way decides it's for the best she does.

I'm still actively looking to film Wake Up Jeffrey & Smell the Coffee - but this sounds like a great piece to write and produce once that's done and dusted.
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