Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Last Day of September

It’s the end of the month, and I’m painfully aware 2012 is edging towards its death.
It’s time for a quick catch up on where I’m at with various projects:
Wake Up Jeffrey & Smell the Coffee
The script is complete, and a rough story board has been completed.
I’ve done a test shoot for the film, and learnt from it.
I’ve made a new story boards based off this, and have bought a top of the range camera.
Now I just need to buy a tripod tomorrow – and I’m good to go!
I need my actress – Rebecka Granfelt – to get in touch, so I can pencil in when we’re going to record the drama. I don’t think it’ll be me acting in it; I think I’ll get Dan from work to play Rebecka’s opposite.
Hopefully by the end of October, this will be done and dusted.
The Fool
No progress recently – although half a script is done.
I’m setting myself the target of completing the script by the end of October, so that I can film it just after Christmas. Imagine that. At last!
Eight Months Last Tuesday
The synopsis is done, I just need to sit down and finish the script.
If it’s done in time, I’ll film it during a week off work in November.
That’d be nice, yes?
I need to ask around and see who’s free to act in it. I want to film in Manchester, just because. I wonder if it’ll come to pass?
The Manchester I Left Behind
An idea I had last night. A documentary film that follows a few threads – all central to my idea of home having changed since I left.
There’s Donna, who has a baby, and her own cake business.
There’s Dan O’C, now drumming in Cherrypip.
There’s Jack Porter, who’s AWOL.
There’s Dad, who’s moved home.
I’ll follow them all, and see where the path leads.
I’m still at Westfield, awaiting the chance of promotion.
An opportunity came up the other week, but I chose not to try out for it. Mostly because I’m more than a little ‘over’ the cinema. I’m ready to move on. I don’t know if I can bear transferring elsewhere.
I swear, if a site in Manchester came up, I’d give it good thought, and might just apply for it.
I’m about a quarter of the way through Breaking Bad’s third season now – having gone from watching one episode a week, to one a day. It became too much waiting to see the next chapter in the life, and descent, of Walter White.
My current project is to watch a lot of DVDs and Blu Rays that have been sat gathering dust in my room, mostly so I can then trade them in. Part of that has lead me to watching Band of Brothers – which I’m about halfway through. I’m also still watching The Killing I (I’m 7 or 8 episodes in).
On television, Doctor Who just concluded its run, with the Ponds exiting the show. That ends my marathon  run – I’ve watched one episode a week, every week, since January 2011 (starting with 2005’s Rose). On November 23rd this year I’m going to start another marathon – to watch all 800 episodes, dating from 1963 onwards. I’ll record mini reviews and my general opinion every day.
With three months left to go until the end of 2012, here’s a checklist of a few things I want to have accomplished before the year is out:
+ Have completed The Fool script.
+ Have filmed/edited Wake Up Jeffrey…
+ Have filmed/edited Eight Months Last Tuesday.
+ Edited at least one episode of 2010’s cinema Come Dine With Me
+ Have concluded the Darkened Avenue 027-029 run.
+ Finish watching Six Feet Under/The Wire.
+ Start the Doctor Who 50 marathon
+ Ask a girl out!
Better get starting on that list, then...
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