Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Rehearsal

When this blog first started out, it's MO was clear - to report on my writing, and various productions I'd be involved with.

That was fine... But I hardly ever use it for that purpose anymore. See, I've fallen a little out of touch with writing and producing drama.

Today was nice. Not only is it the last day of my summer holiday away from work (boo for tomorrow!) but I used the day to actually produce something. For a change.

So that means I have real news to report! Blimey.

It's for a short film called Wake Up Jeffrey & Smell the Coffee. I wrote the script way back when (I can't remember exactly; probably May 2012) and it revolves around two people, Megan and the titular Jeffrey.

It's Megan's birthday, but Jeffrey doesn't seem to have noticed. Oh dear...

All I did today were test shots; they were never intended to make it into the final film. Rather, I did them to home my directorial skills, and get a visual understanding of the film.

I shot the opening scene featuring Megan cooking breakfast (and in my first crossdressing role, I played Megan). For what it was, it was actually pretty damn complex! See, I shot it all myself - so I had to cook food, act, and be cameraman too. Gave me a headache, but I think it edited together it looks quite cool.

I'll film the actual film at some point over the next few weeks. I've ordered a Sony HDR CX730 camera to shoot the thing on, so at least it'll look nice in Full HD. I was tempted to buy Sony's swanky TD20 3D camera (future proof, I figure) but seeing as though I don't own a 3D TV or computer, it's a little futile. Maybe in another couple of years?

There's a girl at work called Rebecka Granfelt who I've asked to star as Megan, and as for Jeffrey... I'm stumped. I don't want to act in it for a number of reasons:

1: I acted in That Resolute Desk - I don't want to be that guy who appears in all his own things.
2: It'd be nice to work with actual actors.
3: I want to concentrate on the directing side of things, but I have The Fool script coming up, and I can use this as practice for that.

I need to find a location too, as from the test shots, it's very apparently that my own kitchen isn't big enough to accomodate the filming.

I'm sure it'll all work out fine.

Fingers crossed!

You can see the test footage below -

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