Friday, 14 September 2012

The Unforgotten Few #1 - Doctor Who & Sarah Jane

I'm a writer. I've written a hell of a lot of stuff; and only a tiny amount of that has ever seen completion.

So... I thought it would be kinda neat to go back and write a 'follow-up' to all those ideas that were never finished, or were abandoned, or forgotten.

I'm going to go right back to the beginning - to that first instance of failure. I'll follow through with as many 'abandoned' projects as I can remember from the next x amount of years.

It's likely something will be overlooked (that's just the nature of the beast). If I do remember at a later date, I'll update this post and adds in the new element in red.

Here goes...

#1: Doctor Who & Sarah Jane Smith

As a wee nipper, I started my creative writing by making up my very own Doctor Who stories. Although I can't say exactly when these stories started out, I'd hazard a guess at 1997 - around the same time that Mum and Dad were seperating. I have a distinct memory of sitting in Stirling Grove, after we'd just moved in with Mum, and writing stories then. Certainly the stories were being created Christmas 1997 over into 1998.

The first of these featured Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor. I soon got bored, and had him regenerate - probably because I wanted to create my own Doctor, and put my own spin on things. Whatever. I think the Eighth died in a TARDIS fire (of all things).

The series carried on for a good while - maybe up to a year. I went through a good deal of Doctors. I think I reached Doctor No 13 by the time I reached the end of my second or third notebook.

The notebooks played an important role in my writing of the series, as I used the end of each notebook to create an 'epic' adventure, to wrap things up with a bang - before I started again with a new book (bought for 89p from Quality Save, Prestwich - I judged them to be the best quality).

At the end of Doctor No 13's adventures he was captured, possibly by the Time Lords, and at the end of the adventure he was vapourised. That was me recreating the infamous trial from The War Games (1969) and recyling its outcome. So far, so good.

I had plans to buy a fourth notebook, and ressurect the good Doctor - but with a spin! He'd be regenerated into his 14th body, and trapped on Earth (his second exile) where he'd be made to live... with Sarah Jane Smith!

Oh, I loved that idea. Sarah Jane was my all time favourite companion, and bringing her back into the series (nigh on a full decade before the same thing happened in the revived series) excited the hell out of me.

The Doctor, Sarah and K9 would have terrific adventures together; and at the end of the day they'd retreat back to Sarah's house for a nice old cuppa! I have a vague recollection of the Doctor losing his memory, too, and having to effectively start again from scratch.

None of these plans were every written down, alas - so over the next 15 years (and puberty) my mind has emptied out, and I can't reveal much more beyond the details above. However, I do remember thinking that the relaunch would revitalise my approach to the Doctor Who stories, and would be a fantastic new beginning.

For a long time - maybe into 1999 even - I longed for the stories to come to pass.

The worst thing about this whole story is that later, in 1999 or 2000 I looked back on the stories I had written, and feeling somewhat ashamed of them and their childish ways, I through the notebooks out - thus losing the very first stories written by me.

Later, in 2000, I started writing more Doctor Who again; but relaunched from the start of the Eighth Doctor's life. That meant no Sarah, or K9, or Doctor house sharing.

Sarah Jane Smith returned to televised Doctor Who in 2006; and I was over the moon.

Even if I hadn't written it myself!
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