Monday, 1 October 2012

A Story 10 Years Old

Entirely by coincidence I was moving stuff around within my room, and spotted something of a milestone.

Here’s a story that I wrote 10 years ago EXACTLY today.
It’s from the pages of Adam & Iris – a serial about married couple Adam and Iris Fete, who emigrate to the opposite side of the world… Australia!
Previously: Iris has found out she’s pregnant. Dun dun dun!
Baby Blues
STORY 3.4 – written by ANTHONY GARNON
Sixteen Years Ago: Ten year old Adam Fete held his newly born nephew, Paul Fete, in his arms. “Oh Marie!” He exclaimed, to his twenty year old sister, “He’s perfect…” This was the first ever time Adam held a baby…
Present Day: “I am sorry…” Doctor Phillips said, “But your baby cannot interact with your dog. Dogs carry germs. I’m afraid you are going to have to get rid of your dog, for your child’s sake…” Adam and Iris hugged each other. They were going to have to sell Axel…
Through the window, Cindy saw her drive to the house. Cindy checked herself in the mirror. Then she went downstairs to answer the front door. “Hello…” Carter said, “I presume I can come in…?”
Iris blew out the birthday cake. She was now twenty-five years old. Already, today had turned out badly. She had been told to get rid of the dog. This time next year, both Iris and Adam would be parents. Their lives would soon change forever…
Adam, Howard and Tom were fishing in the lake. “I’m scared…” Adam suddenly said, “I’m worried I will do a bad job with my child as I did with my nephew Paul. I had an opportunity to adopt him when his parents died, but I refused. I said I was too young. I was stupid…”
“I helped you in prison,” Carter began, When they found the drugs in your room, I sacrificed myself to protect you. I got four extra years for you!” Carter had begun to shout. “Do you think I don’t remember?” Cindy screamed, “You’ve been in my shadow for ten years now!” Carter smiled. “Soon it will be over…” She said, getting to her feet and leaving…
“Dad…” Iris started telling Howard, “I need some advice…” Howard smiled, “Are you having baby blues?” He asked. Iris nodded her head, “How could I ever be as good a mum as my own mother was?” Howard hugged his daughter. “Iris…” he replied, “Don’t have any worries. I am one hundred per cent sure you will make a perfect mum.”
Written 1st October 2002
The above is completely un-edited.
It’s safe to say I’ve come a long way since then! Interesting none-the-less.
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