Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bag of Nerves

Tomorrow's the big day - my 2nd stage interview at West End. I know I shouldn't be, but I'm nervous (and can't help it). It's a big deal. Things have suddenly got serious. I'm on a career defining step. One wrong move, and... oops.

I have a tendency to try and wing these sorts of things. Everytime I was due to hand in a major assignment at school/college, or was called upon to make a presentation I'd leave preperation until the very last minute.

Does the tactic work? I'm not sure - even though I'm sat here, moderately successful at what I do.

I've said it on these pages before, but if only I applied myself more. Truth is, my energy is low, and I want to spend what charge I have left recovering from work - by, effectively, 'playing' (well, now I'm all grown, that's watching DVDs).

I have less than a day to go now. The presentation is at 2pm tomorrow. That's 18 hours away - can I pull it together, and win through?


Good news from home. My nephew Tyler had his first 'food' on Monday! Yep, he's now guzzling down solids. Donna tried him on chocolate sponge cake baby food, and he loved it!! Bloody 'eck - he weighed a tonne last time I visited. Imagine now...

Also, Sarah's had another scan. The doctors are now saying that Jamie's results look normal, and that he may not have anything wrong with him afterall. I bet the mood has lifted back home! We went through some sombre moments after the medics said he might have Downs.

Roll on January when he's born (and if I thought I was nervous about the job interview, I've no idea what my sister must be going through 5 or 6 weeks before she gives birth for the first time.)
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