Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Future's Bright (But the Past?)

I'm through to the second round interview stage for the West End manager position. I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before (?) but there we go, that's good, right? I think I'm the only applicant mind, which kinda sorta takes away from the 'win' - I've just got to convince my Area Manager that I'm the right guy for the job, and it's mine. I'll keep you posted.

I'm more than a little relieved if I'm honest. Westfield cinema has completed shattered me. I feel broken, and sometimes don't know how I can go on. 2 years is a long time anywhere, but especially so at the flagship cinema within my company, that just happens to be the busiest cinema in the country to boot.

I don't think I'd ever like to return there. Not that I haven't enjoyed the last 25 months; but they've been so all consuming that right now, I have no life outside its walls.

The odd ocassion I *do* do something is a rare treat indeed! Dad visited this weekend, and it was great to see him - despite me being completely knackered throughout (and as such, probably a right old grouch). My friend Sophie visited in 2011 - and the same was true of me then. What must others think of me in this state? It's enough to spur me on, to find somewhere new, and bid crazy Westfield behind.


Katie's unblocked me on Facebook. That's new. I wonder what it means?

Anybody out there tell me what they reckon an ex unblocking me means, five years on?

I'm stumped. Part of wants to believe that she's over the resentment she once held towards me (and I might be able to finally talk to her again) but then another bigger part of me thinks it's just an unblock, and there's no more meaning behind it than that. She doesn't want me to contact her (ever) and the unblock means nothing at all. Hmm. Help?

(I should add I'm not looking to contact to 'win her back' as the cliche goes. It'd just be nice to be on speaking terms with her after so long; after all, we share such history)

I'm off to watch some more of Mad Men's fifth season. I'll pretend to be a Don Draper type, and stay cool about my life in general - even if, sometimes, it seems I'm on the brink of driving myself crazy.

Draper out.
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