Sunday, 11 November 2012

When the Sky Fell...

It's been a funny old month.

Work's there, centre of my universe, for pretty much all of it. First of all there's been personnel changes. By that, somebody's been sacked and the rest of the team has been hit by the recoil of that departure. The person in question was a larger than life individual; but even then, nobody could have predicted the way in which this person would exit. Dramatic!

At the same time, the cinema has been busy, courtesy of Mr James Bond. Skyfall has broken box office records here in the UK, and me working in the busiest cinema in the country (*show-off*) means I've worked days where we've hit 10,000 admits IN A SINGLE DAY.

When I first started at the cinema, back in 2007, senior managers told me they remembered the days of 10,000 admit days. Oh, I admired them - but lamented that those days were long gone. How wrong I was! Now I lament how tired it's made me. Seriously, this level of business plus being manager head-count down means that I'm exhausted

To make it worse, during the opening week of Bond I closed Sunday. I closed Monday. I closed Wednesday. I closed Thursday. I closed Friday. I closed Saturday. A nightmare. Infact, I'm not over-egging it when I say the cinema 'broke' me in every way imaginable.

As all of this was going on, I've been applying for a promotion. I've tried for the West End, as a manager. Not sure if I'll get it - there's resistance from the Area Manager (who doesn't want a Team Leader to transfer into a Manager role at such a well-established and high profile site). So far I've had an informal chat with the site's GM. I wonder if it'll go further than that?

Luckily I'm now on holiday, recovering. I'm back in Manchester, visiting family. It's great seeing everybody - Tyler's grow an awful lot. Donna says he's now double the size he was when he was born. She's telling me!! He weighs a bloody tonne when I pick him up now. Still he's a cutie, so that's OK!

Now things are officially 'calmer' I'll hopefully update on a more regular basis.

Nighty night.
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