Monday, 8 April 2013

Since The Last Time...

I'm sat in Westfield, on the laptop.

Whilst I'm here I'm supposed to be watching this week's episode of Doctor Who (The Rings of Akhaten) on iPlayer. Trouble is, it's boring the socks off me. Probably the first episode of the Post-2005 to do so. Looks pretty, but not doing much for me besides that.

Since the last update...

Jamie's been born! He's my sister Sarah's son - born February 5th. He looks a lot like her, which is weird after Tyler came out and looked nothing like his mum.

My step brother's been at it too. His daughter Isla was born a couple of weeks after Jamie. Means I have 4 nephews/neices now. Bloody hell - this year's Christmas party will be a child packed event.

I've moved to the West End cinema. It's completely different to Westfield. I won't talk about what I'm not liking - it's neither polite, nor the place to do that - but I am loving the fact that here, now, I'm getting along with the staff team, in a way that I haven't since I was last a staff member myself back in early 2010.

Even though I promised I wouldn't, I resigned my contract for the room in Shepherds Bush - meaning I'm commited to it until November 2013. I had wanted to find a new place somewhere in London, but the deadline for doing so crept up on me, and it ultimately came down to a combination of me being too lazy to search for somewhere new, and convenience.

Aside from that, I find it hard to believe it's been a year now since I made That Resolute Desk. Time to move on to the next project - and yep, I'm back working on The Fool! More on that soon, I hope...

Time's almost up here at Westfield. Battery running low on my laptop, meaning this gets cut short.

Before a go - a smile, from me, because of a new 'something' in my life. Early days, but it's a special something, worth celebrating even if only in passing for now.

(Doctor Who perked up a bit towards the end - with a fantastic speech about who the Doctor is. Not enough to save the episode, mind)
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