Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Name Is Anthony, And I'll Be Taking This Staff Meeting

Tonight: The monthly staff meeting.

I chaired it. Tohko attended it.

Boyfriend/girlfriend just days ago, and now... Split.


I tried my hardest not to let the hurt show. I don't think it's far on the other staff present if I'm suddenly all downbeat and depressed, when I'm supposed to be training them and giving them some positive feedback!

Tohko looked utterly bored. I haven't decided if that's because I was chairing the meeting, and her (obvious) yawns and continued peaks at her watch were to show me that she didn't want to be in my company - or, more likely, she just isn't arsed about the cinema, especially now, and wanted to go home.

Felt weird not talking to her - if you excuse a polite "are you OK?" before the meeting started (to which she said a feeble "I'm OK" - avoiding my gaze, and walking super fast to get away from me) Still it's for our own good - with Katie I went overboard texting her, and trying damn hard to not-let-it-be-the-end. Actually, in the Katie example, my continued efforts probably ended any doubt in her mind that she'd done the right thing!

Maybe with Tohko, by keeping my silence, things will play out differently?

Honestly though, I'm prepared for either eventuality.

In summary then; I hope a girl doesn't ever dump you, and then two days later you're in a room with that same girl - and a dozen others - tasked with chairing a staff meeting.

Not pleasant.
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