Monday, 21 October 2013

A Post You Can Actually Read

I've written a few blog posts here since my last published update, but for reasons I'll neatly sidestep now, they weren't published.

Well, that's just rubbish isn't it? It's a true silly-billy who self censors.

Here's some things I can discuss, without breaking any self imposed official secret acts:

1: The Beard. It's gone. A self-sacrifice so I could have a true Walter Walt beard. T'was a goatee , and so ashamed of it was I, that when the party ended, the buzzing from the hair clippers started.

2: London Film Festival is OVER! Hang on, did I tell you it had started? (Course I did, but then that info got censored too) I had great fun, as it made a nice change from the day-to-day operations of running a cinema. I didn't meet very many 'famous faces' and missed out from seeing Tom Hanks, Robin Wright and Sean Bean at a Special Gala of "Captain Phillips", but I did walk past Mike Leigh.

I don't care what you say... still counts as meeting him.


3: My house hunting quest has started! I move out of Pennard Road in Shep Bush soon (deadline = November 14th) I've no idea where I'm going next. I've spied some places on Canary Wharf, so maybe there? I hope I get a loft space. That would be cool, and a quality throwback to my youtj, and the loft I occupied at my Dad's house. Talking of that particular Devil...

4: My Dad is visiting London! Peoples beware. Hopefully he won't cause too much death and destruction. I feel bad for him, as he's visited during the film festival, so I've been tied up working that, so haven't seen him much. A proper guilt trip!

(Talking of visitors - Mr P I'm looking forward to seeing you again here, once the Indonesia gig is up)

5: My belly. Ever expanding. So , the opposite of my ego when I spot this in the mirror. Squidge, squidge!!

6: The Fool. Working on.

Yes. Again.

Decent update on that soon.

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