Friday, 25 October 2013

First Sign of Crazy

Ok, ok, I think I'm going mad.

I came here to write an update to something I wrote 6 months to a year back. Trouble is, I'm imagining things... because I can't find that original article, and now I'm convinced it didn't even exist in the first place.

Hmmm.... strange.

I have a very precise memory of what I thought I wrote about - Doctor Who's upcoming 50th anniversary, and how back then I knew nothing about it WHATSOEVER! It was curious not knowing, and exciting, and those were the last days before filming took place on the 50th Special (which I now know is called "The Day of the Doctor").

Anyway, update to that none-article:

It's coming to UK cinemas! And I have a ticket!!!

Gosh, the idea of seeing Doctor Who on the big screen is exciting enough; without it also being the fabled 50th anniversary special that I have speculated about for, ooh, the last 10 years.

What do I know about it? Well, David Tennant is back. They're saying that the other 'classic' Doctors aren't in it (and neither is Chris Eccleston) but I have a sneaky suspicion that they're lying. I hope so - the idea of seeing Tom Baker one last time, in costume as the Doctor is irresistible. It'll feel such a shame if I've built up in my head appearances by the old guard for so long... and then they fail to appear.

Still, there's John Hurt guest starring (surely we'll see Paul McGann regenerate into him...?) and Billie Piper is involved, somehow, too.

I'm taking Dad with me to see it. We have a shared history when it comes to all things 'Who, so that will be nice. Also, we're in the Gallery at Odeon - so lots of nachos, and fizzy drinks, and things we probably shouldn't have too much of but definitely will.

When? November 23rd. Squeeeee!

(And yes, I definitely did write it this time)
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