Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Middle Beginning

It hit me some months ago that because I'm now 24, the most apt description is "mid twenties".

That's fine, honest. But I thought I'd have done more with my life by now.

When I was younger (and so, so, so naive) I read up on writers. I couldn't understand why most of them were thirty to forty before they got their break. "Not me!" I thought stupidly, "I'll make something of myself long before then!"

College came and went. I hit 20, and started uni. Then that ended, strangely, and not like I expected. Without quite looking for one, I'd found a career (of sorts) working at the cinema. That world had sucked me in, and refused to let go.

Then came the move to London, but these last 3 years have been most unkind to those original naive plans. How can I pursue my dreams... when I'm constantly working to 3 or 4am, waking knackered the next day?

This isn't a moan or bitch about my job. Ultimately, it's exactly that - and one should expect employement to have ripples outside of the office. Still, I am in the wring job for where I want to go in life (script writing) - and that's my own fault for not quitting.

I guess the blame is ultimately my own, for taking my eye of the ball and allowing myself to get so lost, or meander.

What do I need to do in order to set things right (because, I think, it's not too late - I'm still young enough to catch up on those long remembered dreams and aspirations)?

Firstly - I need to write. It's got to the point where almost anything will do, as my current output daily/weey/monthly is NIL. There needs to be a routine , yes - but more importantly, there needs to be actual writings . Only then will I learn, and devrlop to the next advancement of my writing.

Next up,  I need to leave my current job. It's a distraction. I know it sounds silly, but even the worst job possible in TV production is healthier for me now - as at least that has the possibikity of leading onto me advancing upwards.

Then there's my professional manner. I have one working in a cinema. Once I get that new job, I need to concentrate on creating a new one relevant to a career in script writing.

Finally - making films/TV. I want my name in credits, for the most worthy of things. The best dramas, or comedies, or documentaries. Tasks 1-3 can't be skipped to reach this point.

Something to work towards over the 'rest' of my 20s...!
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