Monday, 14 October 2013

October Fest

I've lived in London for almost-exactly 3 years now. I work in cinema. Therefore, I've gotta ask the question:

How have I never worked London Film Festival before?

Back in the days of Westfield, the team there was busy being the number one cinema for bums on seats across the whole country. Of course they couldn't spare me, even for a shift. How I begged for that not to be the case! But no... I was told politely, each year "Sorry - maybe next time"

It took moving to a Leicester Square cinema to finally land my shot at working the festival... and so, here I am.

My friend Jack worked it a couple of years ago (I haven't seen him much since; I hope he's OK, and happy with his life) and he had a ball. Me? Not so much. It's boooooring. Yep, indeedy.
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