Friday, 15 November 2013

“3G or Not to 3G” (alternatively –“Hi Wi-Fi, Bye Wi-Fi”)

Honestly, all this has made my head spin.

Let me explain.

I’ve got a iPhone contract that allows up to (I think) 2GB of data usage a month. Because of house searching, and thus lots of internet browsing, my data has been spent. The balance doesn’t reset for another week.

This happened a couple of days ago now (hence the lack of blog updates, also).

However!! There was a possible resolution. My landlord, soon to be my ex-landlord, has decided to spruce his house up ahead of an influx of new tenants. In an attempt to look modern and relevant, he wants to install wifi. Yeah, he’s finally catching up with the times!!

So, he orders the broadband server, and it arrives. Check.

I’m asked to install it. Erm, OK. Check.

It powers on like it should. Check.

Final check? Internet connection. Oops, there’s none.

He’s forgotten to get himself a service provider!!!!!!!

So, no internet at home.

I’m use to browsing freely, so not being able to look online these past few days has been torture. Now I’m inside Westfield London shopping attempting to connect via their free wifi service – a service that I’ve used frequently over the last 3 years, and yet for some reason today it’s not having it. Dunno why. First of all it failed to make any sort of connection to the internet, then 2 hours later, it could… but it wouldn’t allow me to complete the log-on procedure.

(Side note: this blog started in 2006. What was wifi service like back then? I can’t remember any more. Did we have wifi? If we did, did we call it wifi? It’s funny how details escape you over time)

Now, I’m sat here waiting in their food area – the faint whiff of fish and chips next to me, from two young professional women out to lunch. The wifi is still trying to connect, and selfishly it won’t let me connect to any of the centre’s stores wifi systems. Damn.

I’m suppose to be looking at new rooms. Well, that plan has gone out of the window if I can’t connect!! Dammit. That familiar stress is washing over me again…

It was worse last week. I’d packed all of my room away, so that much of it was inside cardboard boxes. What was left was just the occasional item, nothing of importance really. My TV was down off the wall, unplugged, not in use. The room was quiet because of it, and a hell of a mess due to the boxes, and bags of close.

Something about that chaos made me unwell. Not just mentally (more on that below) but physically too. It’s hard to describe, but I just had a bad feeling inside of me that seemed to wash over me, and make me feel ‘horrible’.

Mentally, I had depression. It didn’t help that I was on holiday from work, and not getting out much. Being trapped in those bare four walls, with all that chaos within… Oh, boy. It messed with my system. It was a relief to just get out, and go anywhere else but there.

That’s my ramble over.

(Connection Status: “We Are Now Connecting You” – no you’re not, Westfield. Don’t lie!)
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