Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fresh Lick of Paint

I've spoken before about our connections to the material possessions we take ownership of. The feings that I had back then are being repeated again now, as I prepare to move out of Pennard Road c Shepherds Bush - my home for the last three years.

I didn 't write about my experience of moving out of my family home. It happened during that dark period, where this blog wasn't maintained. Well... Like now, it feels strange looking at walls that are so familar, but not being able to recognise them anymore . During both moves, the rooms have been decorated prior to me moving out; so I get a shining new living space, for a handful of days only.

Where to next? I've no idea, and that's scary.

I 'm staying put in London. I think I'll probably stay in the West of the city, or at a push, the North. I think I'd last mere days... no hours... no, less than THAT if I lived East side. The thought of it!

Anyway, I'm ready. All packed up and raring to go now.

Official end-of-contract date is November 14th. Ideally I'll find somewhere long before then, and have time to move stuff across.

So, here ends another interesting slice of my life. Gotta go, no time to spare! It's back to room hunting for me...
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