Saturday, 23 November 2013


After years and years and years... here we are. November 23rd 2013.

It's 50 years to the day since Doctor Who first transmitted, and being the fan I am, that means a chance to celebrate.

I did so in Manchester, with the other great Doctor Who fan in my life - Dad. Together we went to Manchester's Odeon Printworks cinema, and we watched tonight's feature length special ('The Day of the Doctor'). How was it? Great! I'm a little sad that the rest of the cinema audience didn't cheer along as much as they could have, but boy did me and Dad give it a go!

The bits that effected me the most were Peter Capaldi's cameo, and the short scene at the end with Tom Baker. Man, the Baker scene had me on the verge of tears. There was something tremendously sad about a piece of my childhood returning, but seeing him look so old and frail. As happen as I was, when Baker walked off screen, I knew it would be for the very last time. We won't see him again in the show, and that's a horrible thought.

When we got back home we watched a hilarious comedy special, produced by Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison. In some ways, I liked it more than the actual episode - just through its cheekiness, and sense of fun!

Of course, I downloaded both from BBC iPlayer and watched them repeatedly before bed. What sort of fan would I be otherwise?!

So there we are. The Big 50th, that I've waited so long for, and commented on through this blog half a dozen or so times during that wait.

Give it 10 years, and we'll celebrate again!
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