Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Game is Rigged

I visited the warehouse tonight, hoping it'd be every bit as great as I thought it'd be. Well, yes snd no.

First of all, the rooms! My god, they're great! They are spaces where you are actively encouraged to put your own stamp on things, and decorate it anyway you want. Outside, the main section of the house is very cluttered (it reminded me of the TARDIS at its most messy) but in a charmingly chaotic way.

Although I didn't know this when I agreed to attend the viewing, part of the process involved me having to mingle with thd current tennants. If you know me at all, you'll know that mingling isn't something I do very well - especially when it's my first time meeting people. I'm shy, and a little social awkward, and always make a terrible first impression. Yep.... Same old story here. Two of the guys were really friendly, and open to talking to me (admittedly one was pissed, or stoned, or more likely both) but still. One of the women was shy; but I've no issue with shy girls. They always kinda understand my awkwardness, and we get along well. No... The problem arises from the other 3 women, who I didn't cluck with at all. Hobesyly, it was painful knowing at the tine how badly it was going. Now looking back, I cringe. One of those wonen were a little cold with me - she was very sarcastic, and maybe even a little unpleasant. Sadly, I think she wirlds a lot of say and sway with thr house, and will vote me down.

Biggest indicator I didn 't get it /wasn't wanted:

When every other applicant left they got a warm "thanks - text us to say if you'tre still interested" I didn't. I got a firm "goodbye then" and little else !

Oh well. So rnds my dream of leaving in a warehouse (for now) (probably).

Why did I want to do it? Honestly, to connect with people more. Too often I get home, and lock myself away. I don't bother with anybody else in the world, and hsve becone isolated because of it. On top of that, it excites me to share a house with lots of creative types. There would be lots of possibilities of unions forming, and resulting art. Orthey would inspire me to do something, and get on with being creative; in a way I'm not inspired to do living on my own, and sble to lock the eorld around me out, to simply watch DVDs and be grnerslly passive with my creativity.

Ok, gripe over. I'm ready to move on from the fact I didn't secure this place.

Gotta be quick , and find somewhere soon though.

Fingers (still) crossed!!

P.S. Starting work on a new micro short called I Am A Vampire! - so watch this space :)
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