Saturday, 9 November 2013

Today's Post Brought To You By...

...2 very Festive Starbuck Lattes!

(Terms and conditions apply - brought to you on a Buy One Get One Free basis, and on the sole understanding that no corporation tax will be paid)

My holiday is over, and I'm back at work. It's involved two lengthy closes, where I haven't left until ridiculous-o'clock in the morning. This lifestyle isn't for me anymore; I can feel it taking its toll, and I need out. This has, of course, already been well documented on this blog, so shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody reading. But I thought I'd say it for the hell of it anyway.

Gingerbread Latte:

A new flavour, I haven't tried before. It's sweet. Maybe too sweet/sickly? Though it's very filling - if a coffee drink can ever be described as filling. Not sure I can taste the gingerbread. It's the least gingerbread gingerbread-thing I've ever tasted.

My landlord has given me an extension on my room's lease, for however long I need it. Why? Well, my search for a new room isn't going so well. I want to find somewhere yes, but not at the compromise of picking a crappy room, that is barely (if at all) an upgrade from what I have currently.

Another swig. Same results.

I'll likely stay put in West London, but I had fallen in love with the idea of moving into a warehouse. Such a shame then that the idea hadn't fallen in love with me! There was obviously the viewing the other day, but aside from that all of the other places I've messaged haven't bothered to get back in touch.

Interlude: Star Wars theme tune. It means she's texting me. 8 o'clock it is.

Another big swig; almost done now.

After I've found a place comes the mammoth task of actually moving. I'll get a white van (and WV Man) hired to help. I'll be glad when the new place is up and running. Oh to have a proper working TV set again!!

Gingerbread done.

Next - Eggnog Latte:

An old favourite, although this cup doesn't taste the same as before. I had one yesterday, and the taste was the same as always. Have I been given a dud drink? Dare they ruin my important pre-festive cheer?


Anyway, enough about houses. Houses are boring!

They've launched the first proper Doctor Who 50th anniversary special trailer!! (Well, aside from the one at Comic Con. And the bizarre '50 years' thing from a few weeks back) It looks great... but by God, what's happened to David Tennant?! He looks... odd. Still the Tenth Doctor, but then again, not quite him either. It's only been 3 years since he left, too! Nevermind, because there he is - the Doctor, and the Doctor, and the Doctor! Also, an army of Daleks. Always a win.

Still hmm. I'm convinced this is just a normal coffee, without any of that swirty-swirty thing they add in to flavour.

Christmas ruined!

I've spoken already about my own projects at the mo. I'm committing myself to sitting down and writing "I Am A Vampire" - and hopefully then me and my partner in crime can go away and film it. It should only be a shorty. Well, a shorty-short. Maybe 2 or 3 minutes long, and quite self contained, so that filming should be a relatively easy logistic (day#1 - shoot exterior stuff, day#2 - shoot interior stuff)

However, my coffee buzz is kicking in. I can feel the hyperactivity brewing. I don't care anymore. Coffee is coffee. This is fun!

We might film on the Sony camera I bought last year (that I'm currently using for my "Bedtime Story" each night). Then again, PIC might decide she wants to film on a proper professional rig. Regardless, I'm not acting in it. No. I've acted in all of my films, and for my own development I need to keep well away from that side of things.

But first things first, the script...

Then we're away!

This Buy One Get One Free coffee high was brought to you courtesy of Starbucks Festive Treats (Venti, of course) - available at all good (and not so good, it appears...) Starbucks now.

Just don't expect ethical corporate taxing from them.
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