Wednesday, 4 December 2013

B.B.B. ('Blog Before Bed')

I'm still not use to this. It's a luxury that I haven't had for years. Yes, wifi, at home - meaning, like in the good old days of this blog, I'm able to ramble from home, just before I go to bed.

Like back then, too, I don't really have a clear message for this entry. Rather, here's a furry through some of my thoughts, and things that are happening in my life right now:


I recently caught up on Mad Men. What's not to love about that show? The sixth season was great - especially the episode reflecting on the death of Martin Luther King. When it wants to, the show can really pack a punch - and that particular episode captured the horrors of the moment like no other show around could. I was genuinely scared for characters as they cross-manoeuvred city riots, office politics, and a national sense of morning. The greatest thing of all about Mad Men's reflective episode was that characters didn't behave the way you would expect of them. Pete Campbell, for example, previously set up as a 'monster' (and, in one of the prior episodes this year, sees his actions lead to his mistress being savagely beaten by her husband) has probably the most human response; and it's brilliant.

(There's a Vanity Fair-loving article on the episode here)

Now that's done (and I'm sad it's done) I've moved on to Arrested Development; a show that everybody has bigged up to me for ten years now, and... well, isn't living up to its own hype. Yeah, I'm only a few episodes in, but I'm not seeing the bigger picture or the show's potential. I'll keep on plowing through; hopeful that things will improve, and I'll get to understand if the hype really is justified.


The two projects I'm more than likely going to move forward on first are "I Am A Vampire" and "500 Year Diary".

The latter is a project based very loosely around Doctor Who, but then again, not quite. If I write it quick enough, I might even film it on one of my next trips back home to Manchester. It's only a short piece, and a piece of comedy fluff. It's one of those ideas that a writer has, on occasion, that is immense fun and they run with because it beats writing another downbeat script of two bums battling for something, and losing (or whatever).

"I Am A Vampire" has hit an obvious stumbling block. Obvious to me, but vague to you dear reader. Let's not go there. Needless to say, I have the passion and drive to write it, but I've no idea if it will ever move forward into production. Maybe.

Beyond that, I have "The Fool". Yes, still. I was working on it actively earlier this year, but all drive I had to write it was pretty much destroyed across various re-writes. My interest will come back around - maybe early next year when I start my challenge.

Hang on... my challenge, you ask?


As part of my plan to get myself back on track, and 'be amazing' again (and yep, that is my mantra. Suck it.) I want to create a year's worth of projects that I can look back on in the future and be proud of. Not only that, but I can use them as a foundation to build upon, and move forward - away from the cinema, into television or film!

As a year is 52 weeks, I'd look to create 52 things. Now they are not necessarily scripts; but a fair chunk would be. I'd look to write a poem, or do something in photography. One week I could paint, and the next I could plot a novel, or write a novella.

All combined together, it'd create a 2014 portfolio. It has the added advantage of also giving me lots of things to write about within this blog too (which is a bonus, saving you from un-structured articles like this).


My 2013 project, and it's almost drawing to a close! Just 28 more entries to complete, and then I will have 365 videos from every day of the year, that when assembled will create a fairytale story from beginning to end.

As we're almost at the end now, the story is slowing gearing up for its 'epic' (I use that term loosely) conclusion. The heros and villains are facing off... all hell is breaking loose... and I'm crapping myself as I have 28 days only to wrap it up.

(Nah, I'm relaxed; I'm in control and have a pretty good idea of the time scales involved, and what needs to happen and when)

And then, come 2014, when it's all done it'll be very, very, very strange looking back at this year and knowing that - somehow! - I survived the challenge. If I'd said a year ago "I'm going to record a video EVERY night of 2013, that added together creates one long story. Do you think it'll work?" no doubt you'd have laughed in my face, and thought me a fool.

Well, I am a fool, evidently.

And on that note, this fool needs his sleep.

Ramble over.
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