Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Nana 80

A sequel, I suppose, to this.

Nan is 80 years old today. Happy birthday!

I made the trip up from London to see her - as if anything could have stopped me from doing so! I won't ever say this out loud, but I think I was looking forward to this milestone birthday of her 's just as much as I was Doctor Who's last month.

It feels strange , though. I don't think anybody in my family wanted to acknowledge the significance of the day ahead of it. Almost as if we were scared that by doing so we were jinxing her chances of living to see the day arrive.

What a horrible thought, but that's a consequence of having an 80 year old relative ; any day could be their last. I'm glad she's got to this point - and it's significant for me, too as she's the first immediate member of my family to reach 80. I've researched the family tree, and everything!

I had a conversation, just one, with mum earlier in the year where I said we had to make tonight special for Nan. (Originally mum didn't want to do anything, as Nan is too ill these days to leave her nursing home). I made the arguement that this is quite likely to be her last major birthday. I highly doubt, given her numerous illnesses and frailty, that she'll live to see 90. Even 85, which isn't really all that grand in the scheme of major birthdays, seems impossibly far away.

Hopefully I'm wrong, and in 5 years I'm writing Nana 85!

In the meantime, there was tonight. A birthday meal with her family - four generations of it now, sat around one table , with the old bird who made that all possible. It's amazing on nights like this to reflect on a person's life , and just how much influence they've had on the world. Her legacy is this big old family of our's, that continues to grow, and learn , and love.

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