Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Oops, Ketchup!

Right now I'm merry, and by that I mean super-drunk. I apologise in advance for any unforseen issues with this post; whether that's spelling/grammar mistakes, or things generally making less sense thsn usual. I blame the booze.

Tonight the other managers at work took me out for a night on the town. Well, OK, a night in a West End Weatherspoons, but same difference. I didn't buy a single thing. Instead I enjoyed free drink and food, one after another.

One of our managers - James - uses a service called Tinder; which I never dven knew existed before tonight. Now I do, and I realise it's a disturbing app. Why not just meet girls in the flesh, rather than pester them online, pretending to be an avatar you clearly are not.

Me and James get along really well, and we've always winding one another up - whether it's about his weight, or my shocking choice in women. Tonight was no different; I wound him up about Tinder, and the eomen in his life, and he rated himself better than me at thd pulling game.

All harmless fun, until I took things a little too far. At the end if the night James put his hoodie over his head, and with his face covered he didn't realise I was squirting ketchup onto the top of his head.

Of course he found out, and he launched at me. Not uncalled for, no! Except, in my defence I was (and still am) pretty out of it. In part due to the free drinks he bought me!

Still, I feel more than a little guilty now. Who knows what I'll feel in the morning when I've conpletely sobered up.

Sorry James!!

(It was a little bit funny, mind)
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