Sunday, 16 February 2014

Some Random Sunday Night Thoughts:

The saying goes that you miss something only when it's gone, but I don't think that's quite true.

I'm back in Manchester for a week on holiday, and last night I attended a 21st birthday party. It was a joint party for my cousin Matthew and his long term girlfriend Becky.

They live out in Ripon, in Yorkshire. To get there, I took a coach with my Dad - and my Grandma.

Nan isn't looking too good these days. She has Emphysema, and has managed the condition for as long as I can remember. But now, suddenly, she has to wear an oxygen mask at all times, and cannot walk more than a few steps without there being major issues. Her mood is terrible, because she's not only in pain, but I think she knows. I know. My Dad knows. The end is near for her; her time is up.

To bring this part of the journal full circle, I already miss the woman that she was. It sounds silly, because she's still around... but really, she isn't.


I haven't written here since the news broke of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death. What a horrible headline, and a terrible loss - to humanity most importantly, but then to the creative world as a whole.

One for fans or followers of his films: I really didn't mind he used a ball point pen. (Although his character's action in the film I'm quoting from are highly questionable!!)


I'm no longer a hairdressing virgin! For the first time in my nigh-on 25 years I visited a hair salon, and had my hair cut by a professional.

What kick started this rationale? Back in December I tried to cut my hair... and it went wrong. Badly wrong, I might add.

Anybody who has seen my Bedtime Story on Youtube - go back and revisit December, and you'll notice that my hair looks a little "odd" throughout.

"Odd" being an understatement.

(Still, hair looks good now - and it's long for the first time in an age)


My 25th is approaching this week, and I think in my mind I'm making a bigger deal of it than I think is true.

I see it as a checkpoint; a marking in my life, and the chance to begin a-new after it. I'm seriously considering my future - whether that's in London, or Manchester, I don't know.

I do know that my days at the cinema are numbered (through my own choice). It's time to move on from there. I'll most likely be leaving mid-May, so 7 years pretty much to the day since I started.

I'll blog about this some more over the next few days.


A girl took an interest in me on the coach the other day, and even went as far as to make the first move on me! For an awkward dork such as myself, who worried for so long that girls didn't take notice, that's an interesting development!

Sadly, she was both a complete bore, and ignorant. I don't think she was stupid as such, but her outlook on life was limited, and although she pretended to take an interest in the graphic novel I was reading, I knew she really couldn't care less about it!

That's the last thing I need - ANOTHER girlfriend dumping me x amount of months down the line thinking I'm something I'm not to begin with, and ending up concluding I'm a complete bore (when I'm not).


Currently reading: Marvel Comic's "Daredevil" by Brian Michael Bendis. A fantastic noir, so intelligently put together, and beautiful to look at.

Currently watching: The Walking Dead - Season 3. It's... alright. Not a patch on the same storyline from the comics, mind. I'd much prefer to be watching House of Cards season 2 (Zoe!) or True Detective.


Night night.
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