Thursday, 20 February 2014

Time Crash!

I've had an idea brewing for a long time now - it's called We'll Always Have Tomorrow; a graphic novel (most likely) that tells the story of a girl who, due to fantastic circumstances, meets a version of herself - from a number of years in the future!

Imagine how much fun you could have with a premise like that. To me, the crux of it all would be the conversation the pair have with one another. What would you ask a visiting you from the future?

Just for my own amusement then, a complete work of fiction... a 'what if' I had had the opportunity in 2007 to look ahead, and speak to myself now in 2014...


The following takes place between this post, and this post.

Events occur in blog time.

Wednesday 19th July 2007


I can't believe it's been a year already since I made April 3rd. I think a lot has happened in those last 12 months, and I wish I could say that most of it was good. Thinking about it upsets me, because I then think about Katie and the pain is unbearable again. I loved her, and now she's gone. I hope not for good, we'll see.

April 3rd used spirals throughout the film. I can only half remember the reasons why now, but a part of it was that they represent perfect chaos. It's a form of-

Hang on, what's that?! Oh my giddy aunt... the light, the light, it's so bright-

Something tells me to touch it. I know I shouldn't but... no, I will.

Here goes...


Have I moved? If I have, where am I, and why is it so dark?

Me, 2007: Hello? Hello?!
Me, 2014: Relax, you're safe.
Me, 2007: Who's there?!
Me, 2014: Don't you recognise the sound of your own voice?

A light flashes on, and I see - him! Or rather, me. But... God, he looks old.

Me, 2007: What are you doing there? Am I dreaming, or am I-
Me, 2014: -Dead?
Me, 2007: Yeah.
Me, 2014: You're not dead, no. I grew it for a film.
Me, 2007: I'm sorry?
Me, 2014: You were wondering about the beard. I've had it a while now.
Me, 2007: That's amazing! How did you know-
Me, 2014: -What you were thinking? I am you, or was you. I know what's in that head of your's - and do you know what?
Me, 2007: What?
Me, 2014: I remember all of this conversation, from your point of view.
Me, 2007: If that's true, then nothing I can do will-
Me, 2014: -Surprise me, no.
Me, 2007: Stop doing that!
Me, 2014: What?
Me, 2007: Finishes our my sentences. It's annoying.
Me, 2014: But they are my sentences too.
Me, 2007: Good point.
Me, 2014: (Laughs) Have a seat.

Cautiously I approach, and sit next to my time twin. Up close I can see him better... and I obsess over every minor, or not so minor change I spot.

Me, 2007: You have a grey hair!
Me, 2014: I do not! It's blonde!!
Me, 2007: It really isn't.
Me, 2014: Don't you start! I've already had Mum ganging up on me about it!
Me, 2007: Whereabouts in my future are you from exactly?
Me, 2014: I can't say. Time is such a fragile beast, and it threatens to break or splinter if I tell you too much here and now. You know all this stuff, you watch Doctor Who. Have you seen the episode "Blink" yet?
Me, 2007: Yeah, it was on last month.
Me, 2014: Well there you go, what the Doctor said. Time is like a great big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey and this conversation has to tread carefully,
Me, 2007: Or else?
Me, 2014: Or else you learn too much, which changes the future... and I cease to have existed. I'd really like to stay in existence, if that's OK. Especially since I'm rather fond of the last few years!
Me, 2007: You are?
Me, 2014: Yeah, of course. Whereabouts are you now? Are you over Katie?
Me, 2007: No, not yet. A part of me thinks, you know, she might come back to me.
Me, 2014: She's just one girl.
Me, 2007: Is that a hint?
Me, 2014: Not really, no. I think it's fairly obvious that Katie is gone for good.
Me, 2007: What makes you say that?
Me, 2014: She dumped you two months ago buddy, and last time she contacted you it was to cut all ties, and to ask you to leave her alone. I think that's pretty conclusive!
Me, 2007: She has until the end of summer... Do you have a girlfriend?
Me, 2014: Hey, cheeky!
Me, 2007: Sorry. Had to ask. You don't look all gloomy though like I do, so I think you do.
Me, 2014: Think what you want, but relationship wise I'm in a whole different place to where you are right now, put it that way!
Me, 2007: Hmmm, I'm intrigued. Give me some hints!
Me, 2014: I said no!

Despite that, I can see his eyes glaze over, as he remembers - it's something I do myself, so it's peculiar seeing that particular habit has been kept on by my future self.

It's true, in those few seconds of remembering, he doesn't look sad. I wonder if-

Me, 2007: You don't have a ring, or the imprint of a ring on your finger so you're not marred, or engaged.
Me, 2014: Look at you being all Sherlock on yourself.
Me, 2007: Humour me. You have a beard, so for that reason I take back what I said before; a girlfriend is unlikely.
Me, 2014: How so?
Me, 2007: If I know girls, they hate beards and they'd ask you to shave it off.
Me, 2014: You're wrong, they don't, and they wouldn't.
Me, 2007: A-ha! So you do have a girlfriend.
Me, 2014: I didn't say that, and don't try and be clever by tricking me. I remember this conversation, so I already know what you're going to say next.
Me, 2007: You have to admit, this is incredibly cool.
Me, 2014: Indeed. A little scary mind, seeing how young I once was... and skinny!
Me, 2007: Yeah, I was going to say. The belly... what happened?
Me, 2014: Subway, and Ben & Jerry's.
Me, 2007: What's Ben & Jerry's?
Me, 2014: Seriously?! Choc Fudge Brownie ice cream? Or your favourite, Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz?
Me, 2007: Nope, sorry.
Me, 2014: Don't worry, they'll install it at your work eventually. Next year, I think.
Me, 2007: I thought you couldn't tell me things from the future?
Me, 2014: They're called spoilers, and I can't strictly speaking. But I doubt you knowing that Vue Pilsworth gets an ice cream stand 12 months ahead of time will change much.
Me, 2007: It might. Did they close Pilsworth cinema down in the end?
Me, 2014: What do you know of the plans for that place?
Me, 2007: It's going to move next year to Bury town centre.
Me, 2014: Riiiight, Ok. Best of luck with that move.
Me, 2007: It doesn't happen?
Me, 2014: It does. There might be some delays, mind.
Me, 2007: That's OK. I love working there.
Me, 2014: I know you do, I remember.
Me, 2007: Do you still work there then?
Me, 2014: Again, spoilers. Let's just assume that x number of years on from your side of this conversation, I'm not a Guest Assistant at a cinema any more.
Me, 2007: Earlier you said you make films.
Me, 2014: Did I?
Me, 2007: Yeah, hence the beard. Do you work in TV and film?
Me, 2014: That was the dream. Again, spoilers!!!
Me, 2007: Oops, sorry! What can you tell me?
Me, 2014: Annoyingly, not much. But I understand your frustrations for wanting to know everything at once. I would love to tell you it all, good and bad... but I can't.
Me, 2007: I'm guessing Jenny died?
Me, 2014: Considering that the dog was morbidly obese in your time, and already 10 years old... you can assume that she doesn't break any world record for longest living mutts.
Me, 2007: What about Nanny Rose, or Nanny Duffy, are they... well... they might be... erm...
Me, 2014: Listen, what difference does it make if somebody is dead from my angle. Point is, they are still so alive for you. Stop asking silly questions, and make sure that you love them all, all your family, because you never know when anybody's time might run out.
Me, 2007: I suppose.
Me, 2014: You know I'm right. That big ol' ego of your's.
Me, 2007: Yeah. It's pretty amazing, knowing that no matter what obstacles I have coming my way, I survive them. I mean, I must, because you're here today, undefeated.
Me, 2014: Hardly undefeated!
Me, 2007: But still, I'm proud!
Me, 2014: Cheers. From my end, it's been nice looking back at a more innocent time in my life again. Although you don't know it, or can't see it right now, 2007 is a pretty great year to be you.
Me, 2007: I can't believe Catherine Tate has re-joined Doctor Who though. What are they thinking?!
Me, 2014: Sssh. She'll be great in it.
Me, 2007: Who's the Doctor in your new episodes? Assuming it's still on the TV. Sorry, spoilers, I know.
Me, 2014: Yeah, sorry. Torchwood gets good, mind.
Me, 2007: What about The Sarah Jane Adventures?
Me, 2014: Huh. Them too. Lovely Sarah Jane Smith.

Up ahead, I spot it again. There it is... that bright light. I know what it means.

Me, 2007: Looks like our time together is almost up.
Me, 2014: To spout a Cliché, and after all that blog of your's is called Life of Cliché-
Me, 2007: No it's not. It's Timespotters. What's Life of Cliché?
Me, 2014: Erm... Anyway, we're together all the time me and you. I never forget this time in our life. 2007, the year of me and Katie, then the break-up, and working at the cinema, and making so many new friends! You're the bench mark by which I set all over years.
Me, 2007: Are you serious? Even after Katie-?
Me, 2014: Even after Katie.
Me, 2007: Come here you!

We embrace, which is weird because I'm not much of a hugger under normal circumstances... but this is weird, and I don't know how to react during the hug. I don't think he... me... does either.

Me, 2014: Oh, to Hell with it! Stuff spoilers.
Me, 2007: You mean it?
Me, 2014: Yeah, why not. Here's a few clues - you'll never guess what they mean until their time comes up anyway.

Here's what he said next. My future, in a paragraph:

"Louis. July 16th. The Twelfth. Amy Pond. Clare. Westfield. Tyler and Jamie. That Resolute Desk. Watts/Sloan. W12. The Silence. Tyrion. Draper. T Kanzaki. Ireland 2010. Night of the Doctor"

I've no idea what any of it means. It's a shame we didn't have more time to speak, but time was running short.

Ultimately that was that; I found myself absorbed by the light again, and then back home.

I've no idea if it were a day dream, or what.

I'm crossing my fingers it was real - because if it were, I kinda liked that future I saw.

Damn, I wish I'd asked how Harry Potter ends!!!
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