Monday, 24 February 2014

Tweet Tweet

A bit of fun now, after a series of ever-so gloomy posts.

Here's a rundown of my favourite TV shows, films and comics - reviewed in the standard 140-only characters allowed on Twitter.

Mad Men
NY, the 60s: Don Draper does his silent broody thing, Roger descends into naked drug use, Peggy whines. A slow burn, but God it's beautiful.

Doctor Who
All of time & space! Fast, slightly camp, timey wimey adventures - with Daleks, Cybermen... and, ooh, don't blink! Vworp vworp!! My fave! :)

Daredevil (Comic)
Or Matt Murdock's nightmare double life as unlucky lawyer/super-hero. He's blind, but the man without fear! New Yorkers, don't piss him off!

Game of Thrones
Featuring the world's most kick ass dwarf, unexpected shocks and added dragons. Think a sexier LoTR, with Sean Bean (well, for a little bit)

How I Met Your Mother
Or "How to avoid reaching your series finale for 9 whole years". Still, when it advances the story it's great, or rather - legendary!

Family Guy
Funny bit. Random cut away. Bird is the word. Simpsons homage/blatant intellectual theft. Another cut away (filler). Funny bit. End titles.

J.D.'s quest for man-love, interspersed with stoner comedy, and then some genuinely sad bit. Hospitals are nothing like this.

Watch in awe: Clooney's charm, Romero's wrath. Greene is the hero, but then Carter sets the tone. Shup up Neela, and who cares about Gates?

The Big Lebowski
Bowling with Jesus. White Russians. Tripping to Kenny Rogers. My hero, John Goodman: Shut the fuck up Donny. Oh, too late... Donny's dead.

Groundhog Day
Bill Murray lives the same day over & over! Bill Murray lives the same day over & over! Bill Murray lives the same day over & over! Etc...

The Walking Dead (Comic)
Gritty 'cos it's black & white. Right? Questionable storylines, often ending in random and unexpected deaths. Still better than the TV show.

Watch this space, I'll add some more over the next few days.
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