Friday, 21 March 2014

Daredevil, Creek... Telly Box Geek

It's been an interesting month away from the blog.

It's been one of those month's where I haven't really done much. I doubt I'll remember much about it in the years to come - but it's been comfortable, and enjoyable in its own little way.

I've been working my way through Daredevil comics. I started with the Brian Michael Bendis run from the early 2000s, and have now reached the Shadowland storyline from 2011. I keep away from superheroes in comics, because they have a habit of getting caught up in sweeping events that are a confused mess unless you buy all 98 issues (or whatever). I like Daredevil because it's pretty much self contained; more of a crime noir than a capes and tights affair. He (and Batman) are probably the only two superheroes I'd care to write for professionally. Ok, Ok, Spidey too.

Then there's been the return of an old favourite - Jonathan Creek! Although... I don't know why they bothered! They've changed the protagonist that much from his origins that now, I feel like what's the point?! The three new mysteries weren't up to much either. The old spark has truly gone away, which is a shame. Still, if they can recapture it again, I'm open to more. (On that note - they only went and brought Only Fools & Horses back!! You know, it wasn't half bad either...)

Gogglebox is back. I think the show, at its best, is genius. It's one of those shows where the premise can put you off from watching, but once you do you're sucked right in, and it never lets go. I find it fascinating, as somebody who loves television, watching average Joes giving their opinions on what they're watching. The best bit? When they comment on what's in the news. It's a fantastic insight into the British people, and how our country thinks. If you haven't seen it already, give it a go!

I have my own programmes to watch in awe... now I'm on Netflix! Yep, I finally switched on. As part of the 'switchover' to the service, I traded in a whole host of DVDs and Blu Rays that Netflix already offers. My room feels half-empty now! I've had many of them for years. Still, onwards and upwards - and digital it is! I'm currently watching Arrested Development, House of Cards, and working my way through a re-watch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's fun!

No script work, mind. I find my energies are lacking most days when I get home from work. A shame, because I've had a potentially good idea. We'll see what comes of it - I can imagine myself filming this one...

More updates soon!
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