Monday, 31 March 2014

Eve of the First Date

I have a first date tomorrow, and I'm nervous.

It's peculiar: I've been in this position before, a few times now, but it never gets any easier. I'm not helped this time because I have a feeling about this one... something tells me this is 'right'.

Her name is Michelle, and she's a friend of a colleague of mine called Kathryn. We met at Kathryn's birthday party last weekend, and hit it off. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about Michelle that I really, really like. It sounds a bit girlie of me to admit, but I really liked her personality, and she's incredibly good looking (with a super-cute Irish accent) that I'm getting butterflies thinking about her.

It's the first time in years I'm dating somebody, too, that I don't know from work. Last time was Katie - but even then, we'd met at high school. I think because she's separate from my life at the cinema, it's exciting in a whole new way to me, and that's a big old tick in her favour.

We're meeting at an Ice Bar in central. Of course, I'll pay. And yeah, I'll be on my best behaviour. As ever...

Fingers crossed it goes well. I really like this one. I hope I don't mess it up!
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