Saturday, 17 May 2014

400 Blows

I'm rapidly approaching my 400th blog post - but before I hit that milestone, I've made a decision about the future of this blog. I'm shutting it down.

Yes, I've said this before and then doubled back on the decision - however, this time it feels right.

In 2014, I don't think that blogs are particularly 'cool' anymore, or necessarily the best way a writer can communicate with his or her audience. I'll look for a new medium to do that. What it will turn out to be, I have no idea. I'm not ruling out a return to blogging, on BlogSpot or any other blogging tool - but it needs to come with a clean break, away from 10 previous years of blog posts.

To me, it's important that the next phase of my life has as fresh a beginning as possible. As much as possible needs to be unexplored - because, in my mid-twenties it does sometimes feels like I'm being weighed down a little too much by what has gone before, including its angst and heartbreak. I'm nostalgic at 25... when I should be looking ahead, forging new corners for myself.

Besides, I don't think it's much of a secret that nobody reads this anyway, except my good friend Jack who has been a loyal follower since day one. Hey Jack, I hope you're well. I hope you understand my decision, and the need for my voice to present itself a little differently in the future.

What becomes of this blog then? Well, I've still got a few more things to say on it before I disappear. First of all, I'll track my job hunting, and eventual resignation from the cinema. There's also a few lingering posts that I need to conclude, and finally get 'out there'. After that... well, the first 400 posts will start to disappear for good. I'll move them from public viewing, to private - meaning they won't be accessible to anybody but myself.

Then when the time is right, I'll be back - in a new format, somewhere else (or maybe here, just de-cluttered and reset to zero) - maybe this time, a little less of a cliché!

So, thanks for reading up to this point. The countdown begins...
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