Friday, 16 May 2014

I'm Here For Doctor Who...

Tuesday just gone, around 10am:

I'm walking from my house in Shepherds Bush in my (new) best suit, towards White City. It starts to rain before I reach my destination - the BBC Media Centre. I take shelter under a tree, and sat on that bench there I consider what I'm about to do, and the significance it has...

I am about to have a job interview, for a role that centres around Doctor Who. Ok, ok... so it's not for the TV show, but for the 'Experience' exhibition at Cardiff Bay. Still, it's a job specific to Doctor Who, and how exciting is that?

Imagine if I could speak to the Anthony who started this blog back in 2006, and tell him that he would one day apply, and successfully get an interview, for a Doctor Who role... That younger me would have their mind blown! I know I often come down on my cinema role, but for once it's to be congratulated. After all, it opened this door for me. Yes, I'm sure that the reason I got the interview was my CV - which includes the busiest cinema in the UK, as well as one on prestigious Leicester Square. So thanks, cinema - you're finally repaying your due.

This post will stay hidden for a while, mostly because of what follows...

The interview:

Ah. I gave it my all, but they were a peculiar bunch in that room. One of them, the GM of the Doctor Who Experience, another the Head of Doctor Who Events and Sales, and the final third being an individual who works for BBC HR. Each promoted their own agenda, and prodded for information on their own specific areas. I think I came off strongly when it came to Operations, and probably Ok with the running of Events... but I fell way short on my health and safety knowledge. Hardly my fault; I don't think my current role has given me the experience I need.  That's not my fault, and so I won't beat myself up too much when I ultimately don't get the job there.

They are aware I write for blogger, and so it's a safe bet that they've checked my blogs out (including this one!). I don't want to influence their decision by writing something here that they then read and... hate? object to?

We'll see what comes of the interview. I have another two potential jobs lined up. One I messed up the application for, and do not expect to hear back from... the other is a role on a well known UK television series, within the script department. Fingers crossed!

The team at Doctor Who said I'd hear back within 2 weeks.

The omens, however, do not look good.
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