Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Productive 5am Post

It's 5am. My body seems to have become use to this unnaturally early time. Today, thankfully, at least I'm using the early morning hours, and productively.

I just sent the last two and a bit hours pencilling out a general outline of my Assassin comic book series. See, I'm up to Volume 4 of the story now, and although I have an over-riding story (our hero is stranded some 500 years into the future) and a theme for this run of stories (a person's freedom) something just wasn't clicking into place, creatively, in my mind.

Today, I think I may just have cracked the case! It's funny how, as a writer, things just come to you out of the blue. I do think we curse ourselves, us creative types, by simply staring at blank paper - because once something (hell, anything!) is written down on paper, our brains immediately click into gear, and begin to think up better ideas... and suddenly, the paper isn't blank anymore. We just need to overcome that initial fear of nothing being jotted down, or committed to paper.

So, I can sleep easy for once. I have the outline for the series done, and a definitive breakdown of chapters 1-3, with a 4 gathering thought within my mind right now. To top it off, I've got a great idea for an end of Volume cliffhanger, that could lead into the next slice of the story. You have no idea how great it feels when, after years of trying to think something up, a solution finally offers itself.

More to come!

Night night.
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