Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Just Hit Send Already

It's 5am, and I'm on Facebook.

But! Before all that, we need to rewind...

Last night, at work, approx. 8pm:

The CEO of my company has sponsored a Ski charity, and said charity have hired out my cinema's bar area, and one of the biggest screens. The CEO isn't attending tonight's function - but his family are.

Now, I've met my CEO and his family a good number of times over the years, through all these events and functions. I'm on good terms with his daughter - in that we always smile at one another, and say a polite hello every time we realise we're in the company of the other.

Up to now, I just presumed she was being friendly. Tonight, well, that changed. She was definitely flirting! Boy, I was chuffed! Not because she's the CEO's daughter - no, social status means nothing to me, honest! Instead, I was just over the moon that a girl was openly flirting with me, showing the slightest bit of attention!

She's a good looking girl, with a killer accent and personality. For the rest of my shift, she plays on my mind...

Now, I'm on Facebook, looking at her profile, half tempted to send her a message. Is that creepy? Could I get into trouble from work for doing so? Would she respond?

I'm daring myself on... willing myself to have the balls to send the message and, potentially, begin a friendship with somebody.

My finger edges closer to "send" - and I look at the title of this blog post, and realise it's taunting me.

I really should just do it...
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